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Keeping your business secure doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes the simplest methods can be the most effective. Here are just a few simple ways in which you can keep your business secure.

Choose passwords that are strong and memorable

Some companies splash out thousands on security only to still get hacked because of weak passwords. Your passwords need to be strong – but this doesn’t mean you have to resort to an unmemorable random jumble of uppercase/lowercase letters and numbers. Passwords can be both strong and memorable as this guide at How To Geek proves. This could be a simple way of immediately boosting your company’s security.

Back up your data

Backing up data can also be a simple defense against cybercrime. Ransomware attacks often involve holding data hostage and demanding a ransom – by having this data backed up, you can thwart such attacks. Secure cloud servers are the best form of data backup for defending yourself against cyberattacks. Another option could be to have certain data backed on external hard-drives.

Regularly update your software

Updating software can be another simple and effective form of security that some businesses can overlook. Failing to update software can leave your computer open to the latest digital threats. A lot of software automatically updates, but only when the machine is rebooted. If you constantly leave your machines on standby, they may never have a chance to update, resulting in your company running old software.  

Outsource your digital security

Whilst a lot of businesses are now hiring employees solely to handle security, there are other businesses that are simply outsourcing the help of security experts via companies such as Frontline. These managed IT services can be a cheap and reliable way to stay secure against the latest threats. In some cases, you can outsource cloud storage through these companies, as well as having 24/7 on-call support regarding glitches and bugs. It’s much easier and much more affordable than hiring a full-time in-house staff member to handle security.

Use simple physical deterrents

Physical security can be just as important as digital security – whilst burglaries aren’t as common a threat as cyberattacks, they are still a threat. Often when warding off burglars, some of the simplest deterrents can be the most effective. Security lighting can greatly reduce the threat of burglary by making it harder to break in undetected in the dark. You can also buy dummy security cameras to install on your property – if you can’t afford CCTV, this could be just as effective at deterring burglars by making many thieves think that they are being watched, even if the cameras are fake.  

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