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There are many different ways to improve your company’s productivity. Perhaps, the most practical way is making a few adjustments in the office guaranteed to motivate your employees and keep them safe. 

If you are wondering what office tweaks to incorporate, here are a few examples to get you started. Dive in!

Enhance Office Security 

Office security is a big concern for many small businesses. Unfortunately, addressing these security concerns can be extremely expensive (windows and door locks, security guards, and more).

But, with proper planning and budgeting, you can enhance your office’s security in no time. You can enhance your office security by adding cheaper security measures. For instance, you can add window alarms that alerts you when they are opened or broken into.

You may also want to consider door alarms. You should have a door alarm installed at all exterior doors, which will set off if the door is left open too long, tampered with, or forced its way open. Also, ensure that each room in the office has a quality door that can withstand anything. 

Another way to enhance security is to install security cameras. Having a few discreetly placed around the office is one of the best investments you can make towards keeping your employees and business secure!

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Light

Air quality is essential, especially in an office environment. Employees get exposed to allergens and other contaminants daily that can cause them to be less productive at work. The average person spends about 90% of their time indoors, so the indoor air quality must remain high. 

You should aim for between 50 – 60%. If your employees have reported complaints regarding allergies or asthma, invest in some good filtration options like HEPA filters which will remove 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.03 microns from the air stream, including mold spores, pet dander, and dust mites.

Have a Full-Stack Break Room

This is a great time to get your employees together and brainstorm ideas for what they would want in their break room. This is an excellent way to increase morale while at the same time giving them some space that will be beneficial during work hours.


If there is a break room that has gone almost untouched by anyone but the janitor, it’s time to get creative! Make sure everyone knows what food options are available during lunchtime hours (including whether or not people should bring their lunches)

Increase Employee Workspace

Increasing your employees’ workspace is all about giving them the tools they need to be more productive. If your employees can work in their own office, or even a cubicle with some privacy, then you’re already on the right track towards increasing productivity. 

Even if each employee has an individual desk within an open-plan or breakroom environment, there should still be plenty of space for other items that will help increase focus and satisfaction at work. 

In conclusion, there are many tweaks you can make to your office to increase productivity and satisfaction with existing space. Even if there isn’t enough room for new renovations, such as adding a full-stack breakroom or increasing employee workspaces, look at how minor changes could do the trick!