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Are you looking for ways to save money on your home? The big, popular idea right now is solar panels and essentially getting off the grid. Or rather, getting off the grid as much as you can. Unfortunately, solar panels aren’t cheap and will cost at least a few thousand. That’s true, even with the subsidies and grants that may or may not be available from the government. 

The good news? The cost of solar panels is dropping dramatically and is 75% less than what it was 10 years ago. But that still doesn’t make it completely affordable or even worth it in the average home. This is particularly true if you can’t afford the size you’ll need for your family or if you are not in an area that sees a lot of sunlight anyway. In most cases, solar panels will start paying for themselves in about five years. But it’s still going to put pressure on your finances in the short term. 


However, that doesn’t mean that your energy bills aren’t causing issues for your bank balance. They still could be and that’s why, today, we’re going to explore some of the potential changes that you can make to your home that will break down the bills without the expensive investment. 

Changing The Windows


One of the first issues that you should look at if you are struggling with energy bills is the windows. The windows are a key part of your home for more than one reason. They can, for instance, let heat out, and cold air in. What we’re talking about here is a problem with the insulation of your property. If you feel the air around the windows and it seems colder than the rest of the room, there’s a good chance it’s a problem with your windows. 


You might also notice that there is moisture between the panes of glass. If that’s the case, then the windows are blown. Ideally, you need to repair or replace but again, this might not fit into your budget. So, what are the other options? Well, thicker curtains are a possibility. With thicker curtains, you can make sure that you keep the cold air out through the winter months. These are available to purchase all year round and will usually be on sale just around the end of summer. 


Another option would be to think about weatherproofing your windows. Now, this isn’t quite as effective as replacing them altogether. But it can provide a nice stop-gap if you can’t afford that type of change. 


Of course, windows work both ways. They can also let the heat into your home. This could be putting pressure on your aircon system and causing the energy bills to keep your home cool to hit the roof. To avoid this, you could think about custom vinyl window film. This can provide protection from the sun that you need and even ensure that rooms are safer for the kids and you. 


Do be aware that windows aren’t the only way that you are going to find the warmth impacts your home. You may also discover a problem with the roof. Roofs are often dark materials and this actually absorbs light as well as heat. That’s why it’s worth cooling down the roof through the summer months. You can do this simply by hitting it with the hose. Although this will only provide a temporary fix for what can be a larger issue. 


Upgrade Expensive Tech


It is possible that a piece of tech in your home is responsible for eating up the energy bills. If that’s the case then it could be a simple matter of replacing it. To do this, you first need to locate the culprit. If you have a smart meter, that’s easy. You can turn off all appliances and switch each one back on individually until you see a sharp spike in the cost of your electric. Once you do, you can then replace it with A+++ grade appliance. That’s a lot cheaper than investing in solar panels, isn’t it? 


Use LEDs


Have you already switched to LEDs? This is an incredibly budget-friendly solution and only costs a little more than the cheaper bulbs. It can also ensure that you are able to rely on the bulbs for far longer without replacing them. So, this is going to save you money in the long term while costing just a fraction more in the short term. 


Timer Plugs


It’s true to say that a lot of people waste energy because they forget to switch off appliances and other tech that they are not using. Even leaving your TV on standby can add to your energy bill over time. So, how do you account for this issue? Well, you can purchase some timer plugs. This will switch off appliances that you might have accidentally left on through the day or even at night. It can even save you from a potential fire hazard. 


One thing to be aware of is that some people believe turning off the fridge or freezer is going to save power. This doesn’t work. It actually uses more energy because it takes a massive surge to get back up to the right level of power when you turn it back on in the morning. It’s the equivalent of stuffing the washing machine full of clothes.


In contrast, switching off things like your TV or laptop will save you power. If you leave them plugged in, even if they are not in use, they could be costing a great deal. A lot of people think that if a laptop is plugged in but not on, the power usage stops once the device charges. This is not the case with all devices. 

We hope you see now that there are countless great ways to save on your energy bill. You don’t have to immediately resort to investing in the expensive solar panels to get the results that you want. It can be just a simple matter of finding the right fit for your home.