Welcome and thanks for stopping by!  My name is Sherri and I created this blog to connect with others who strive to work from home and achieve the ever elusive work-life balance.  I’m a wife, mother, homeschoolers, entrepreneur, virtual assistant, and blogger who is passionate about finding ways to think outside the box and hack areas in my life to create the best outcomes with minimal mental energy. I’ll continually strive to share with you the minimum effective effort for your desired result.

Much of what we want to accomplish is not only unnecessary but hampers our ability to live life abundantly. It IS possible to do what you love from home or in a coffee shop, while traveling, or anywhere you want! There are many ways to produce additional income streams while staying at home and I want to share those with you!  I hope these tips and suggestions will enable you to make more money than you thought possible, save you thousands of dollars, give you some inspiration to think differently and intentionally and be able to give generously.  I’ll post articles and links for advice for setting goals, deciding how to monetize your passions, great side hustle jobs and tips for marketing and business development.

My journey to working from home began in 2010 I started an Etsy store called Alexis Brooke Lane.


It is a vintage home decor shop.  The store did well and we had a nice supplemental income. The upkeep of the store started to take more time than I wanted to spend and I felt that the Lord was telling me to unplug. I put everything on hold, sold off my existing inventory and now keep just a handful of items going at a time.  This stepping away for several years was just what I needed so I could focus on my family.

As my children became more independent, I began to see the flexibility and nice side income potential that blogging offers

This book, Making It Pay to Stay: Living Abundantly on One Income was written in 2011 with the intention of turning it into a blog and an interactive gathering space for stay at home moms.  Four years later, I was ready to jump back in with this guide book on abundantly managing our households.   I’d like to share how I’ve been able to stretch our income, add to it and streamline our lives.  You can get it here on Amazon for your Kindle.


These books give practical and straightforward advice for women deciding to stay at home. Tips and tricks on how to stretch your income, add new income, and unique ways to run your household.


iAssist Virtually virtual assistant

I now own iAssist Virtually, where I’m able to streamline my services to busy executives and help them lead more effectively.  I’m looking for virtual assistants to join my team!  Click here to apply.



Did you know that blogging is a great way for you to produce extra income?
You can set up a blog in a matter of an hour or two. Here some of the top sites I recommend for helping you make it pay to stay.

GoDaddy.com is pretty much the standard beginner domain and hosting company. I use them and highly recommend them!

Dreamhost.com is the grand-daddy and PC Magazine’s award winning hosting site and for less than $10 a month and a FREE Domain, you can’t go wrong.

GetResponse.com is an invaluable tool in automating emails and newsletters for your readers.  I encourage you to sign up with them if you haven’t already.

You can start small and grow.  Little by little you can blossom into having a business and life that fits your unique gifts and interests.  Life is a journey, and I hope to encourage you to pursue your dreams while running your business effectively, efficiently and most importantly – joyously!