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Working from home arrives with both pros and cons (which can vary depending on your mood)! It takes a motivated person to stay on track when there are plenty of distractions around, but thankfully there are things you can do to stay on top of things. For some hints and tips, give a few of these a go.


Tool Up


Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse, so it’s worth calling upon some handy tools to keep yourself productive and happy. ‘Todoist’ is an excellent app with plenty of handy features to help you stay organized, set deadlines and enhance your productivity too. You can use Todoist to create a schedule for your day, including all tasks, breaks, notes, and reflections. If your a remote-based entrepreneur time management can be difficult. Perhaps your time gets interrupted often by taking calls? If so, it can be worthwhile investing in an outsourced answering service for your business. 


Inspirational Breaks


When we have the same routine day in day out it’s easy to become bored and uninspired. To stay motivated, use your breaks to get inspired. Sources of inspiration come from many different places, so it’s all about finding what works for you. You could try reading a page or two of a writer you really admire? Perhaps try watching a motivation speech by an authoritative figure within your industry? You might prefer to take a break to write in a journal about the things that you are grateful for. Working remotely can feel isolating at times, so you might like to have a quick phone-call break with a friend. Whatever helps you to get inspired- seek this on your breaks (instead of reaching for the twitter feed)! 


Create Your Space


Create the perfect space that suits your working style, whatever this may be. It could be a neat desk area with minimal decor or a comfy space filled with bean bags and artwork. When you are sitting still for long periods, it’s best to choose ergonomic furniture so that you don’t do yourself an injury. When you work remotely, it’s best to keep your workspace and your relaxation space separate. Failing to do so can make it harder to unwind on your downtime. Whichever workspace you create, keeping it clutter-free can help to keep your mind clear. 


Stay Active


Exercise is crucial to staying motivated, so it can be a great idea to get some exercise during the middle of the day. If your close to a gym or yoga studio- take a quick workout over your lunch break. Even if it’s only a half an hour class and you get some food in after. Exercise helps to boost creativity and raises our endorphin levels to ease that work-day stress. Eat plenty of healthy foods during the day to keep those good energy levels up.


The most important thing to do is to get organized the night before. Plan your critical tasks and get an early start. Remember, the more you procrastinate, the later that you’ll finish!