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Taking the plunge and starting a home business can be a daunting time. There are so many ideas for working from home, and running a successful business while doing it takes a little while. One of the things that you need to be ready for when you open your new business is how you plan to get customers through the door. The problem is that customers don’t even know that your business exists yet.

Nobody is going to know about your business until you start to shout it from the rooftops, and that means you need to promote. Not just promote but advertise your business in a way that is going to be affordable while also drumming up as much business as possible. You need to reach the right audience, and this isn’t the most difficult thing to do if you know what you’re doing. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful ways to advertise your business.

Run A Blog

Everyone loves a blog. It’s a piece of cyberspace that you can occupy to share your thinking, your brand ideas and what you’re up to. Not only does it enable you to promote your business, it gives your business a personality that you can show the rest of the world. It becomes a part of who your business is and it will allow your company to flourish while attracting an audience.

Choose A Logo

Your logo needs to be EVERYWHERE. You’re working from home, which means that you won’t have an office with logo signs and branding on the outside, but there are ways. Email signatures, your website, and blog will be adorned with your logo theme, but you can also wrap your car in your brand and you can get some more information here. Your logo needs to stand out and be different from the other companies in your business, so think carefully and maybe use the services of a graphic designer to help.

Spread Your Social Wings

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter – you name the site and you should be on it. You need to be a social media butterfly to attract the right audience who can potentially end up as your new customer base. Spreading your message online hasn’t ever been easier than it is right now, and you can promote your business wherever you are – from the smartphone in the palm of your hand.


Search engines such as Google are a huge source of customers for many businesses. That is, of course, if you rank highly – if your website or social media pages don’t show up until the 10th page of Google, few customers are going to stumble across your company. A great way to boost your rankings is to invest in a marketing strategy known as SEO (search engine optimization). While it’s possible to do your own SEO by using the right keywords and networking with others online, the most effective way to get results is by outsourcing an SEO agency. SEO agency rates vary, so it’s worth taking the time to shop around. 

Affordable SEO services can help you evaluate your current strategy and formulate a plan to help boost your reach in the most effective manner. Incorporating a solid SEO strategy can help increase your visibility to your target demographic which is the only way to grow your business. 

Buy Advertising Space. 

You can buy advertising space wherever your customers are, so figure out where your customers are reading. There are websites that offer shared ad space, and you can also approach local newspapers and billboards to get your name and message out there.


Realizing that you can make your home-based business as successful as any other business out there is going to change the game for your advertising techniques! All you need to do is find your audience. Don’t hide behind your front door if you don’t have to!