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As Winter settles in and the snow is on its way to us there are certain tasks we need to do around the house to get ourselves ready for winter and help our homes be more efficient. Winter is a month of rest. The crops and harvests are a lot less abundant, the animals hibernate and the cold keeps us indoors a lot more. Each season gives us something different to enjoy and embrace in life, Winter is all about slowing down, reflecting and resting, and getting ready for Spring again. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy Winter, we just need to embrace what each season brings. Here are some different tasks to do around the house to help and keep us safe.

Check Appliances And Machines Are Working


When you get to the winter months, things like the boiler, tumble dryer and heating will all be used a lot more. It is a good idea to check these things and get them checked if you need to. You don’t want to be in the middle of winter and heavy snow with your boiler giving in. Preventing and preparing is always the best method to deal with these things. Make sure everything else is working too and see if there are any small things you can do like descaling the kettle. Deep cleaning the oven or checking to see why is the dishwasher not drying dishes and if it is something you can fix. 


Batch Cook Meals 


One thing that winter brings us is darker evenings, with little sunlight in our afternoons we don’t want to spend each evening making meals when we could go for a nice walk with the dog or do something fun with the kids. A great way to keep your cooking times down is to batch cook and plan. You could spend a day on the weekend making things like lasagna, mac and cheese and then a pie, so all you need to do is heat it put it in the oven and add some sides. Then your family is getting healthy home-cooked meals every day. 

Check Windows And Doors


Now is the time to check your windows and doors before it gets too cold. Make sure there are no draughts or cracks that are letting in the cold air. This can affect how efficient your heating is and can end up costing you a lot more money in the long term. 


Declutter And Donate


Winter also brings us the Christmas holiday, the kids get a mountain of new toys and there is never any space for it. Before winter sets in, declutter toys and donate them to those who need them. You can also go through clothes and shoes that no longer fit or aren’t worn anymore. Winter can be harsh for the homeless so if you have extra coats, blankets and boots you aren’t using it is a great idea to give it to those who need it. It can be life-changing for them.