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Whatever type of business you are, be it a law firm like Boulder Legal Group or a marketing firm, motivating your staff is extremely important. The more motivated your staff are, the happier your workplace will be and the less likely they are to leave. You’ll also benefit from them working harder, thus increasing productivity and bringing in more revenue. 


There are many ways to motivate your staff from showing them more appreciation to offering them a bonus or giving your team member a pay rise. Some people respond well to other offerings such as allowing them to finish work early to see their children, or allowing them an extra day off to spend time with their family. Essentially, there are so many ways in which you can look after your staff, you’ve just got to find out what works best for them. Below are three points to why it’s important to motivate your staff. 

Lower Levels Of Staff Turnover 

A big sign of an unhappy workforce is a high turnover. If your staff aren’t happy or feeling motivated then chances are they will look to leave and work elsewhere. If you think your staff turnover is high, then why not ask your team members why people are leaving. It could be a simple fix that you haven’t thought about before. One easy tip to show your staff you appreciate them is to consistently recognize great work. A big motivational factor at work is hearing your boss tell you that you are doing a great job. 

Stronger Recruitment 

In life, recommendations can be one of the most important things for driving new business. This is the same for attracting new staff members. If your staff members are happy, they are more likely to speak about their work to their family members and friends. This could mean that when you are looking to recruit someone, you are more likely to get more applications and potentially stronger ones. If people are unhappy about their workplace, the word can get around reducing the amount and quality of your applications for your job. 

Productivity and Revenue 

If your staff members are unhappy and unmotivated, then you will almost certainly find they are not working their hardest. This means that productivity could be low, reducing the amount of revenue you bring in. By motivating your staff, you’ll find they are more likely to want to work hard and make a success of your business. They will also be happy to stay later to get things done, instead of going home as soon as they can. There are many ways in which you can track productivity to see if your changes are working. 


Overall, your staff members are one of the most important parts of your business. Without them, a lot of businesses would not be able to operate, which is why it’s important they are happy. 


What do you do to motivate your staff? Why do you think it’s important to keep your staff members happy? Have you noticed a difference in your revenue when your staff are happy? Let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.