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Working from home takes a lot of stress out of the working schedule. In fact, a study from Staples shows that employees who work from home experience 25% less stress. Why is that? Because having a home office allows for more flexibility and freedom, which is beneficial for productivity and creativity. However, to keep your motivation, it is important to have a dedicated space for work. Your workspace influences your mood, thus it is important to have a home office that boosts your inspiration and keeps you in the zone so here are some tips that will help you to get the most out of your home office:

Make It Comfortable

Being comfortable while working is very important. Nothing can destroy your mood, productivity, and inspiration more than back pain. If you spend the majority of time sitting at a desk, it is important to choose comfortable office furniture and devices that can reduce tension and pain. An adjustable chair with good lumbar support is essential and, if you want to reduce stress and irritability, you can use a massage cushion while working. Feeling comfortable and relaxed boost inspiration and motivation so it’s best to combine comfort with practicality when designing a home office.

Make It Personal

One of the advantages of having a home office is that you can make it look like you want. Adding a personal touch and making your home office match your personality can boost your inspiration. Accessorize your workspace with personal photos, potted plants, and with anything that puts you in a better mood or gives you inspiration. Whatever the nature of your job is, it is important to surround yourself with little things that stimulate your brain.

Make It Colorful

Colors can affect your mood, so it is important to paint your home office in colors that have a positive impact on your productivity and creativity, not just for aesthetic purposes. Blue tones stimulate the mind and help people focus, green has a relaxing effect and helps people to foster concentration, and yellow tones inspire creativity.

If you don’t want to paint your home office in a different color, you can always rely on wall art to boost your creativity and inspiration. Whereas you opt for a city backdrop, a beautiful landscape or an ocean view, you have to make sure that the wall art you choose lifts up your mood when you walk into your office. The colors should complement each other and lift your mood without being overly stimulating.

Make It Organized

While it’s important to decorate your home office and make it reflect your personality, it is equally important to reduce clutter. Thankfully, these days, you have unlimited options for storage so you don’t have to opt for traditional filing cabinets that take a lot of space. You can install custom shelves, use colorful storage boxes or anything else that fits the aesthetic of your home office. Practicality is important but if you want to be inspired while working, it is just as important to add a touch of style to your workspace.


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Carmen Cosma

Carmen is an entrepreneur and content marketer. In a former life, as a corporate business executive, she relied on yoga, reflexology and other alternative practices to fight stress, anxiety and find balance. At Massageaholic.com she’s on a mission to bring massage therapy closer to those who want to build habits for well-being. You can follow her on Facebook and Pinterest.