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Many small businesses will often face a variety of challenges across the board that larger companies otherwise might not. As a small business owner, one may have been considering the benefits of outsourcing.


Utilizing spare funds or investments from within a start-up or small business that should cover the tasks that must be done each day, for many, can be unmanageable or hard to maintain, especially at the ‘in-between’ stage where you’re growing fast and need more manpower or products, etc, but the company is not quite ready.


From the variety of roles that would generally need to be filled in any business, some of the tasks are more suitable for outsourcing than others. Here are a few that could be considered by small businesses to help ease the workflow:


Administrative Roles


This is practically an out of office receptionist role, keeping appointments and schedules, answering phones and directly associating with your potential customers. A virtual receptionist would professionally handle all your incoming administrative duties from a remote location. This is handy for people who want to work from home but may not have the necessities to perform adequate administration.


Graphic Design


Some times it takes a little technical know-how and skill with rendering graphics, drawing logos, or even creating a unique theme. Graphic design will help your business stand out in the industry and catch the attention of consumers with marketing campaigns and promotions, advertising campaigns, and so on. These also are more commonly being used on blogs and social media channels.


Employing an internal graphics designer is very expensive, if your business is based on web design you may want to do it yourself, however, so many small businesses turn to outsource workload to meet their graphic design needs. 

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Bookkeeping and Accounts


Maintaining a few loyal clients and the odd regular customer is rather simple, including the filings and other much needed accomplished tasks with regards to taxes and expenses. Small businesses often like to have their bookkeeping outsourced and is a common task for accountants to monitor.


Compiling financial files and submitting them as the business becomes more complex as it grows, because of the value of money and its relationship to businesses, it becomes more important for a business to have someone who knows what they’re doing.


Web Design


A business’s website is the online face of the company and the people who help run it. More and more companies strive to have the best easy-to-use web frameworks that are spect built for their companies purpose. Today it is important that the web design reflects the business brand image and that the site is designed responsively. It’s not just the functionality of the website that is important either. Customers will always search for the best for their buck, and if you have incorrect spelling, punctuation and even wrong terminology, then it’s safe to say they will move on.


A responsive website application will adapt to suit all mobile screen sizes and resolutions, no matter the device. Its benefits include seamlessly surfing on your company website and results in higher customer satisfaction.


If you’re not a web designer, there are all sorts of ‘Managed Services’ which can be utilized by a small business outsourcing this workload. If you are having your website developed by a third party, always remember to communicate all your wishes as to the developer can get an idea or best vision of your brand angle.


Customer – Technical Support


If you aren’t sure whether you may have enough time to properly and professionally handle your customer or technical support, then you don’t have enough time. Business owners will occasionally jam-pack their plate with all sorts of roles.


This role is one of the most important aspects of your business and can be the resulting differences between making extra loyal customers and driving customers away in less time than it takes to blink.


Many small business owners will typically outsource their bookkeeping services to experts in this field. Keeping track of small business finances is vital to their overall success as they start to grow, therefore this is an area that should be given to an experienced professional. 


Choosing the right tasks for your business to outsource and having them completed to your satisfaction will give you peace of mind and satisfaction as the business owner; knowing that your important tasks are taken care of by trustworthy professionals.


These are just a few small roles or tasks that can be outsourced, delegated and collaborated with, for your business needs. What are other jobs smart to outsource? Let us know in the comments below.