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If you’re hell-bent on making a comeback after a difficult time or you are trying to uncover a new area of the market a business convention can be the thing to blow your business wide open. But it’s not just a case of hiring a venue and selling tickets. You’ve got to make sure that your business has the sway it needs to bring people on board to your way of thinking. When it comes to something like a convention you’ve got to make it attractive to the prospects. Hiring a speaker whether a celebrity guest or a keynote speaker is a fantastic way to bring the punters in. But what do you need to know in order to get the right guest speaker?


The Right Type Of Speaker

This is all dependent on two components: the audience and the business. They will work hand-in-hand but you have got to think about the right match for the event. If you hire a speaker that’s all about the motivational aspect this won’t work well at a conference for lawyers. But on the other hand, there would be marketing agencies that you could scour for the right talent, Elitelawyermanagement.com being one of them. You’ve got to make sure that the shoe fits. Finding the right person is crucial but also what they want to talk about will help make the event a memorable one.


Their Experience

The experience will be all about the journey. If you hire a billionaire venture capitalist to give a speech this is going to come up with a whole different set of results in comparison to a small business owner. You need to make sure that they connect with the audience based on their experience but also what they have to offer. Every audience member needs to come away from the speech feeling they’ve had more of an insight into the person’s life but also feeling inspired. That’s the great thing with something like TED talks, they are a combination of storytelling but also cold hard facts that can springboard people into a whole new way of doing business or living their lives.


Helping Your Business

Finding the right person to be about making sure that you deliver a whole new angle. For example, if you are trying to promote yourself as a frontrunner for social causes hiring a speaker that is inexplicably linked with these types of practices will give your business that all-important image. There are ways for you to link your business to social causes, such as on Cision.com, but you have to remember that the speaker will no doubt be looking for evidence before they sign on the dotted line. You want them to help your business but it’s got to come from a place where you are being truthful and authentic. It needs to help your business but if you are hiring a speaker because of their social sway or they are an influencer, this could color your convention in the wrong way.


Hiring the right speaker can do a lot for your convention but it can also do a lot for your business. Make sure you hire the right speaker.