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Technology is not only an indispensable part of the modern office environment. It’s also your most precious ally as a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur to keep your business safe. Indeed, safety comes in a variety of shapes. As an independent professional, you can’t afford to ignore how a lack of safety could affect your business. However, you also need to develop a clear and solid understanding of what safety, at your professional level, includes. Indeed, the most common assumption when it comes to the relation between a safe business environment and technology is to consider the risk of data breaches. While cybercrimes can put your business at risk – especially small ventures that tend to be easy targets for hackers, they are not the only safety concern as a new entrepreneur. 

Cybercrimes are on the rise; don’t take any chances 

Of course, you can’t talk about safety without mentioning hacking and digital corruption. But using a secure browsing solution that ultimately creates a virtual browser in which data are streamlined as harmless pixels can add additional safety to your digital tasks. Additionally, it’s a cost-effective strategy for freelancers and solo professionals who can’t afford to hire an in-house IT team. 


You know you can rely on online searches

Search engine technology plays a significant role in maintaining your business presence. Search Engine Optimization is vital to your visibility in the SERPs – Search Engines Result Pages. But, paid search marketing campaigns, such as PPC, can ensure that your brand receives the attention it needs. As a small entrepreneur, a PPC strategy is a fantastic tool that can be tailored to suit even the smallest of budgets. How does technology keep your business safe when it comes to AdWords ads? You can protect yourself from wasting money by implementing negative keywords, which ensure your ad will not appear for irrelevant searches. As a result, you don’t pay for unnecessary clicks. Additionally, using a budget cap also keeps your spending under control. 


Never miss an appointment 

When you run a one-person business, chances are that you can easily get overwhelmed by deadlines, assignments, and other requirements. The usual post-it note is not a viable solution when there’s so much you need to remember. But, you can use your favorite digital companion to keep track of all your duties. Indeed, your iPhone has a reminder function that can dramatically change your work routine. The app can help you to create priorities, making sure that you don’t fall behind your to-do responsibilities. More importantly, you can create tabs to customize and segment your scheduled to-dos into workable lists. As such, it keeps your business progress safe, helping you to remember essential operations. 


Protect your brand reputation online 

What do people say about your brand? If you’re still in the process of running customer reviews, you need to set up social media mention monitoring to keep up-to-date with the public opinions. Indeed, your audience can share their views of your brand on Twitter. Being able to capture critics and improve your business, or respond in real-time can help to protect your reputation. 


Keeping your solo business safe is a delicate juggling act that requires not only hacking protection but also monitoring your online reputation, your marketing budget, and your day-to-day deadlines. Safety is a multi-sided topic, so you’d better embrace it as a whole!