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Outsourcing manufacturing is the most sensible option for many businesses. Unless you have the funds and space to manufacture products yourself, you need to look for someone else to do it for you.

This means that you will have a lot of options but might need to consider a variety of factors to find the right manufacturing partner. Whether the whole product will be manufactured on one site or you need to have different components manufactured in different facilities, you need to think about some important things before you decide if a manufacturing partner is right for your business.




If you outsource your manufacturing, you have to consider how things are going to be moved around. Your raw materials and finished products need to move between suppliers, the manufacturing facility, warehouses, and other places where they might need to go. You need to think about distances between key locations and the time and cost of moving things around. It’s important to have a clear idea of the timeline and the journey that your materials and products have to take. This will help you to decide whether a manufacturing partner is the right one for your requirements or if the location might be unsuitable.




It should go without saying, but quality is going to be a key factor to think about when looking for the right outsourcing partner for your manufacturing. One thing to consider might be whether you want to look for partners that specialize in making certain components. Is it better to have your coil cord made by a firm that specializes in wires and cords or to use a more general manufacturer? This can make a difference in quality but might also require one more step in your manufacturing process. Getting samples made will help you to assess the quality of work.

International Manufacturing


Many businesses turn to having their products manufactured overseas so that they can save money. However, it’s important to consider factors such as tariffs, taxes, and transport costs before deciding if international manufacturing is the right route to choose from your business. These costs can add up and there are also other complications that could make things more difficult. Having everything manufactured so far away means it’s not so easy to visit the facility if you want to. It also means there can be more significant delays with deliveries, especially when there are international incidences that are out of your hands.




Good communication is vital whenever you partner with another business. If there isn’t good communication in place, it becomes impossible to coordinate everything. When you’re assessing a potential new manufacturing partner, take note right away of how well they communicate. Check what methods of communication they use, what customer service is available, and how they promise to keep in touch. Of course, make sure to check reviews to see how well previous customers have rated their communication.


Before you choose a new manufacturing partner, consider these important factors to help you choose the right option.