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The last year certainly changed how we are in our day-to-day lives at the moment with more people than ever working and learning from home, offices are waiting for all employees to be able to come back safely. Everyone is looking forward to getting some form of normality back and being able to resume normal working lives. However, it is unlikely that we will be able to go back fully to the normality we once knew. There will need to be things in place that offices and workspaces implement to go forward and make everyone feel safe. It may even be that you were looking for a remodel and before everyone comes back is the perfect time to work out if you do need one or not. Keeping your staff motivated will be a top priority. 


Keeping Germs At Bay


One of the biggest things that have come from the pandemic is how unclean certain spaces were. Not anyone’s fault just it wasn’t thought about having germs hiding and passing around colds and cases of flu in winter. With the pandemic, people are a lot more aware and wanting to be clean. One of the best ways to deal with this is to put up hand sanitizing stations in key areas like kitchens, break-out spaces, and outside the toilets. Also just to have them about the office so people can get them and use them if they want or need to. 


Keeping The Place Clean


Now you have the people being cleaner it is time to make sure the office is kept up to a high standard too. Things like making sure the cleaners you have to do door handles and key places that a lot of people touch or use to keep everything nice and clean. Also looking at getting in specialists for other areas you may need help on. So many people track through dirt and germs on their shoes so hiring floor cleaning services will help you keep this under control.


Rotation On Shifts In The Office


People may still feel wary of being in a crowded workspace which is completely natural. For particularly crowded offices they may have a phased return or simply keep a portion of their staff working from home. Whether that is seeing if some have a preference to stay at home which helps them with childcare and other commitments or simply to do it on a rota so that everyone comes in and works from home at different times. It may be the way forward as some companies have invested a lot of money for their staff to work from home and it may be keeping costs down in other ways that they need to balance out. 


It will be great to get back to normal as much as we can but we still need to make sure we are being safe and can continue to live with cleanliness and care for others as part of our daily routine. There are some practices we have adopted that will simply disappear and some that we will continue to use.