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Although many of us would prefer to work from home for the rest of our days and control everything about our working environment, this option isn’t always viable and sometimes an office job is required for your dream role. 


If you are making the transition from working at home to in an office – whether this be for a new job or to expand your business, there are some things you should be aware of about office life. 


Here are some of the things you should know about buying, renting, or working in an office this year. 

There will be a lot of phone calls 


Now that you are at a fixed address with an office phone number, expect to be getting many more phone calls either through spam or from people who want to interact with your business. It is important that you are aware of this influx of phone calls and that you either get a receptionist to filter through them, or simply make more time for calls in your day. 


There is maintenance involved 


If you have bought an office building to expand your venture, you need to be aware of continual maintenance to the office. For example, you can find out more about elevator parts for your ever strained elevators, consider hiring a cleaning team to tackle the vacuuming and bin emptying each week, and consider issues that may arise with the building itself. 


Rent is expensive 


If you are renting out an office space for your own small business, it is important to consider the cost and whether or not the extra work you’ll bring in will warrant the change. Working from home is great but can also be limiting, so make sure you know if the change to an office will be worth the cost it takes to make the move. 


People don’t wash up 


Sadly, even adults don’t follow simple etiquette rules at times and this means that often you’ll find people not washing up their mess when they use the kitchen. This can include sugar on the worktops, dirty plates and spoons in the sink, or even a mess in the microwave. It is important to prepare yourself for this eventuality as there is always someone who won’t clean up after themselves. 


The toilets need constant cleaning 


Toilets will be in constant use, and in the office you will need to hire cleaners to clean the bathrooms at least once a day depending on how many people work for you. This is an important consideration to make and one that will benefit everyone in the long run and ensure that your workspace stays clean and hygienic. 


Traffic can be a chore 


Traffic is the bane of many people’s lives, and when you are driving to work every day it can very quickly become overwhelming. Make sure you always give yourself extra time to reach the office in the morning because you never know what the traffic will be like, and if you get to the office early you always have the chance to have a coffee!