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Buying a new car will need a hefty sum of money in the bank if you have your heart set on a specific new model. However, saving for a car doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think; because not only is it down to the money you put in, but also the questions you ask yourself, which take the pressure away from having to save the money at all. In order to know how much money we will need, there are some questions to be asked about the car itself, then this way you can budget for it.   

Save money on second hand

Does it really have to be a new vehicle? For the most part, a new vehicle will be more expensive, but its maintenance will be cheaper. While an old car will be cheaper and its maintenance may be more expensive. Therefore, older vehicles are not necessarily more economically viable at the big picture level. Another parameter refers to the loss of value of the vehicle that does not behave in the same way among all vehicles, but this can be estimated in advance in relation to the market demand for this type of vehicle. 


Can I save on car insurance?

Car insurance is an essential item in car maintenance, it can not be waived, but many times it is definitely possible to save on this item. First, if you are driving only a limited number of drivers, it is best to give up the wide coverage of insurance for each driver and make sure you name only the relevant drivers. You can look online for comparison sites because the chances are you will find one cheaper than you currently have. Research is key if you want to save money, so look for other options.

Maintenance costs?

These are unavoidable sometimes but you can always look to have a lot of problems covered on insurance which will help you save money. The frequency and quality of vehicle maintenance has a direct impact on its maintenance costs. These costs can be reflected in the volume of fuel consumption, the need for replacements and the frequency of replacement, as well as the scope of treatments required. Checking water oil once a week – two weeks keeps the vehicle and especially the engine for a long time.  A lot of problems can be stopped just by taking control and learning. Save money – have knowledge! Add changes and upgrades via CapPlus Technology so you can upgrade without having to buy a new car each time!


If you need a spare part and the vehicle in your possession is not within the manufacturer’s warranty period, you should check the prices of non-genuine parts, sometimes non-genuine parts will be significantly cheaper and of reasonable quality. Of course you should check carefully with a professional. You should also find out what is included in your car insurance. Replacing a battery in case you get stuck in the middle of the road, for example, is sometimes a service provided by the road services company as part of the policy and thus saves you money.