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You have a business meeting coming up that could result in a decisive outcome. Depending on how successful this meeting is, you may gain a new client or lose out on some business. To make matters worse, the entire meeting could effectively be over before it begins. If you don’t make a good first impression, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle the entire time. 


On the flip side, a great first impression gets you off on the right foot. You fill the client’s head with positive thoughts and they’re way more inclined to listen to you. This creates the obvious question: how do you make a fantastic first impression? It’s not as hard as you think – simply follow these three tips: 


Make sure you are presentable

Visually, you have to look the part. Clients should see you and know that you mean business because you’re presented in a professional manner. Everything should be tailored – that means no baggy jackets or suit trousers that don’t fit. Be sure your clothes are fresh and clean too; you can’t turn up to an important meeting in creased clothing that smells like it’s been worn a few times. 


As such, wash everything well in advance of this meeting. If for whatever reason you can’t wash your clothes at home, look for a laundry coin near me and go get your clothes cleaned there instead. Iron your outfit – or get it dry cleaned – then make sure you are also washed, well-groomed, and ready for action. Put on your best scent so when you greet the client they’re instantly met by someone who looks well put-together and extremely professional. 

Always be early

When it comes to business meetings and first impressions “on time” is late. 


You should be at the meeting place before your client gets there. It shows your eagerness while also ensuring they’re not kept waiting. They see that you’ve already arrived and it will impress them. You look like a person who isn’t going to mess them around. 


Plus, it’s a tiny bit of mental psychology too. When someone sees you waiting, they subconsciously feel a bit guilty. This inner guilt may make them more susceptible to your sales pitch as they feel like they owe you! 


Select a good meeting place

As well as ensuring you look presentable, you also need to make the meeting place as presentable as can be. Try to avoid hosting important business meetings in public places. You’re unlikely to build strong partnerships with clients in the local Starbucks. It creates a bad first impression if you meet in busy public places with a lot of noise and distractions around. 


Instead, find a suitable meeting place. If you have a conference room in your office, meet there – just be 100% sure the whole office is clean and tidy. Alternatively, you can hire conference rooms for a set period of time. This may be more beneficial as you can meet them in an empty office room within a professional setting, yet you don’t have to worry about the rest of your office letting you down. Those of you who work from home should absolutely adopt this idea instead of hosting meetings in your family home! 


You only get one chance to make a great first impression, so don’t mess it up. The three tips above are all you need to get off on the right foot – from here, be sure you’re thoroughly prepared for the meeting and get all the right points across. Otherwise, your good first impression will be for nothing.