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When you decide to engage in video blogging, also known as vlogging, you can start with the webcam on your computer, but after a little time, you may want to try to make your videos more professional. Any tool that you can use to make your videos better is a great idea. But, it’s important to try different types of tools to ensure that you can find something that will work for you.

An iPhone

Love them or hate them, Apple makes some really useful and great products. Apple iPhones have superb video quality and you can even find tutorials online that teach you how to use your iPhone to make a professional quality video.

A Good Camera

Many digital cameras today also allow you to take videos with them. You can purchase many different types of cameras in many price ranges.

A Webcam

Most computers today come with webcams but you can also purchase HD webcams that take really good videos.


The crème de la crème of video editing, with a price to match. But, if you really want to be serious, you should consider good editing software.


This editing software will rival Camtasia,  and real movies have been edited with this software.


This cloud-based editing software helps you make videos look professional, to include easily added royalty free music and images. You can use it for just $7 a month and students and teachers get a discount.


This cloud-based video editing software gives you access to the music you need for your videos and so much more. It is worth it if you aren’t very technical.

iMovie for Mac

You can get this high-powered editor included on Macs. It literally does everything.

CyberLink Power Director

Choose between so many levels of functionality for this super-powerful video editor without the professional price.

Adobe Creative Cloud

For a small monthly fee, you can have access to some of the most powerful movie maker and video production software available.

The tools available in all price ranges and skill levels are practically unlimited. Try out a few different choices to see which is easier for you. Don’t worry about the price as much as the ability to use it. If it costs a lot of money and does all kinds of amazing things, but you cannot use it, what’s it really worth?