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We all like to think that our employees will come to work every day and give it 100 percent. However, unfortunately, this does not happen. You know it yourself. There are days when you just cannot be bothered or you are uninterested. Nevertheless, it is your duty to ensure these days do not become too frequent. You need to motivate your employees so that you can reap maximum gains on the productivity front. Here are some top tips for doing so…

    1. Relocate – If you are noticing that productivity levels have dipped to a very poor level then maybe it is time to relocate. Use a company to help you find an office space that’s going to better your business in terms of location, size, and alike. This fresh impetus is just what your staff needs.
    2. Encourage breaks – Everyone needs to step outside of the office and clear their heads. If you have noticed that someone hasn’t taken their annual leave then suggest they have a holiday. It will make them feel appreciated and they will come back fresher than ever before. 
    3. Communicate – The main reason why employees end up uninterested is that they don’t feel as if they have a voice. Taking the time and effort to ask for their opinion on something can pay bigger dividends than you would imagine. 
    4. Rewards – Give your employees an incentive to work as hard as possible. This doesn’t have to be monetary either.
    5. Feedback – Whether good or bad, feedback is recommended. Of course, you shouldn’t go dishing out negative comments 24/7. Be constructive, be honest yet be tactile too. If employees feel like their work isn’t reviewed then they will not put in as much effort. 
  • Outsource – If there are areas your employees are struggling with, outsource them. There are great companies like Outerspace that can help to take your business to the next level.
  1. Be creative – This links to the earlier part regarding rewards. When recognizing the work of an individual and their achievements you should pick a reward tailor-made to them, rather than something generic. Therefore, a football ticket or a voucher for a nail salon will be better than a bottle of wine and some chocolates. 
  2. Training – Offer training options. Employees need to feel like they have a chance to progress and better themselves at your company. There is nothing worse for motivation than feeling as if you are stuck in a dead-end job. 
  3. Team building exercises – From business lunches to Christmas parties to fun runs; provide opportunities for everybody to get to know each other better and relax. By simply suggesting drinks after work now and again your employees will feel like you respect them as people and treat them as your equals rather than looking down on them just because you are the boss.
  4. Learn don’t punish – When an employee makes a mistake you should try and treat it as a learning curve rather than punishing them. 
  5. Lead by example – If you are positive and enthusiastic about your job then others will follow suit as well.