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Many small businesses require at least one commercial vehicle to operate. The size of these depends on your company. Some businesses use smalls vans whereas others require heavy-duty trucks. You might even simply use a company car with your branding.


When choosing a commercial vehicle it’s important to take several things into consideration. These include your business needs, budget, and important features. It depends on the potential loads you need to transport, and what you’re going to use it for. Here are the top five tips for buying a commercial vehicle. 


Understand its capacity


Find out how much weight you will need to carry and looking into the maximum capacity of your chosen vehicle. It’s illegal to travel overloaded, although many drivers still end up doing this. You can find out more about weight limits online. Your commercial vehicle is one of the key resources to starting a new business. Consider how much space you’ll need, the type of fuel to run it on, and all other basic functions. 


Check its condition


Always check the condition of the vehicle. Take it for a test drive and check things like the suspensions, dashboard, and seatbelts. Also, look for rust under wheel arches and around the door frame. Certain companies such as Uni-Grip provide high-quality materials to seal commercial vehicles in these areas. It’s a good idea to research the make and read some reviews before you buy it.


Consider going used


A used vehicle could save you money. New vehicles all go through a dramatic depreciation as soon as you drive them out of the parking lot. This means they decrease in value immediately. A used vehicle would have already been through this depreciation and might get you a cheaper deal on your insurance.


You could also check out ex-demo vans. These are good as new as they’ll have only been used as test vehicles in showrooms. Here is a guide on what to look for when buying an ex-demo. You can find cars, vans, trucks you name it. They’re all premium quality but for a much lower price. The only downside when buying used or ex-demo is that you’ll have less choice. Prioritize your needs and find the best solution for your business. 

Find out if your license covers it


Make sure the person who’s going to the driver the commercial vehicle has a license that covers it. You can find out more about the restrictions of different driver’s licenses online. It also depends on the age of the driver. According to federal law, the minimum age for operating a commercial vehicle is 21. 


Research tax options


It’s also a good idea to look into tax options. If you need a larger truck you might need to pay heavy use vehicle tax (HUVT). Look into the benefits options as well for your small business. A commercial vehicle might get you a tax reduction, depending on your business and expenses. It’s important to do this research before buying a commercial vehicle.