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Not all educators want to work in schools or universities.  Many of them, especially mothers prefer to work at home where they can monitor children and get some chores done while earning extra cash as well. True, work at home teachers earn a little less than full-time onsite educators, but the benefit they gain is enormous, especially if they have small kids to watch and they don’t want to sacrifice their passion for teaching.

If you’re looking for a part-time work, consider online tutoring.

The internet provides long lists of legitimate tutoring service providers that hire licensed teachers, college students, and fresh graduates. This type of work is not mainly limited to students within your local area. Some positions are outsourced to the US from other countries such as Korea, Japan, and China. The subject you teach will depend on the demand and your specialization, which include:

  1. Accounting Tutor
  2. Advanced Statistics Tutor
  3. Finance Tutors
  4. Chemistry Tutor
  5. English Tutor

Take number 1 for example.  Business owners need to have full control of their finances. They don’t need to master accounting but get themselves familiar with the subject. Online accounting tutoring from reputable and trusted online teachers can offer a  high standard at a reasonable price. Online tutors provide interactive discussion with students in live seminars or classes.  Training materials can be shipped to the client’s residence or shared virtually.

If you are proficient in English, you will have innumerable students from all over the world such as Koreans, Chinese and more. It’s a known fact that their countries provide English education at a very expensive price. Unfortunately, not all people can afford this. These individuals always turn to online English tutor classes since these are much affordable and can be scheduled based on their desired time. As a teacher who needs to work at home, this gives you the opportunity to practice your profession. Your knowledge will continually improve and you will also enjoy interacting with people from a different culture.

Teachers can also establish an online tuition business.

This can be managed at home and requires a minimal investment. This job offers everything that a teacher yearns for, such as growth prospects, work time flexibility, good money and more. Online tuition needs 2 prime ingredients: Training Skills and Subject Matter Expertise. This belongs to the new breed of modern businesses offered virtually which can boost your income into 6 figures in a short span of time.

Unfortunately, not all passionate and talented teachers prefer this business due to fear of technology. This is totally unrealistic and overrated. The truth is, you don’t need to create technology or become a software developer to run an online business. There are affordable complete software solutions available that you can use to successfully operate your online tuition business. Bear in mind that managing tuition businesses can be similar to driving a car; you don’t need to be an expert auto mechanic to know how to drive. Similarly, you don’t need to become a software expert to understand how to use this type of software.

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