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One of the most in-demand jobs today is a registered nurse.  This excellent career choice requires the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to handle serious responsibility. If you want to get a work from home job as a nurse, you also need to have strong determination. The need for nursing jobs such as home health care is exponentially growing since the majority of the “baby boomer generation” are aging. With growing knowledge about diseases and nutrition, people are living longer compared to any other time in history.  This is one of the main reasons why a work from home nurse job is high in demand and has a wide variety of flexible job options.

If you’re tired working in hospitals and dreaming of being a work from home nurse, that’s good news since there are an increasing number of home-based careers that are now ideal for registered nurses like you.

Below, are the top five leading careers that most work at home nurses prefer:

Case Manager

This work requires nurses to contact their patients every day on the phone and to provide them with information regarding their medical condition. Case manage nurses provide data about side effects, medications, nutritional information, daily care of wounds, exercise information and more. You can also provide answers to their questions and refer their case to a reputable home based health nurse that can visit them at home.  Check out flexjobs.com for more work from home opportunities.

Teach Nursing Classes Online

Teaching is made easy due to the availability of internet globally.  As a nurse who seeks a home based job, you can try teaching online nursing classes and use your expertise to aid students who are pursuing a degree. Some need the extra support and advice to become a successful nurse. You could make a lot of money on the side by creating a tutoring course for the NCLEX on Udemy.com.

Telephone Triage Services

There are telephone triage service providers that are in need of nurses to work home base. This type of work provides nursing job from home to provide after-hours services to 24/7 services to hospitals and doctor’s offices. These companies employ registered nurses to answer non-medical concerns. When they encounter true emergencies, calls will be referred to the nearest ER or Emergency Room. Try Nursetriage.org, or Nurse.com

Medical Transcription

This job is ideal for nurses looking for home based jobs since they have knowledge of medical tests, terminology, procedures, and language that the medical profession speaks. They can work for clinics, legal professionals, physicians, hospitals and even insurance companies. Don’t worry about job security –  based on “Department of Labor” this job is trending upward and will continue for a long time as the government prepares for “EHR”. This job cannot be outsourced overseas due to privacy and security issues.

Legal Nurse Consultants

This type of consulting for insurance and law firm company will require you to work in-house for a short while before they can allow you to work at home. Conditions and duration are usually discussed during application. Once you get familiar with the work, most give you free reign to work from home.

With an RN and some basic computer skills, you can leave the stressful hospital job and start working from home.  What are some other telecommuting jobs have you heard of?  I’d love for you to share them in the comments!