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The restaurant industry is one of the toughest and most stressful of all, and it seems very difficult to make it big unless you put in a whole load of effort, time and money. There are so many different features that come together to make up a perfect restaurant, and even one of those failing could ultimately be the deciding influence between your success and failure. It is certainly possible to establish and make a name for yourself despite the tough nature of the restaurant industry, and there’s a real demand for fresh new businesses to open up their doors to offer innovative dishes and the right ambiance on every popular high street. For some top tips on how to make it in the food business, read on and discover the best place to start and ensure that your profit and reputation can begin to advance and grow at a steady rate.


The Dishes You Serve


The dishes that you serve are definitely the most important contributing factor to your restaurant’s success. If you are serving low-quality food, that’s bland or cooked very poorly, not one customer will make the decision to return to your outlet again, and the bad word will spread quickly as a result. Your sole purpose at the end of the day should be to provide your customers with a meal that they can thoroughly enjoy and remember, and ensure they leave feeling completely satisfied with a full stomach. The dishes you make should be made from high quality fresh ingredients, and nothing that has been frozen or heated in a microwave. By paying a little more for a higher caliber of foodstuffs, you will immediately be having a positive impact on your likelihood of success. Stick to one similar theme or cuisine throughout your menu, as including too many completely different things will actually decrease the overall quality of everything your chefs cook. With too many varying options on the menu, you will also not be able to provide completely fresh ingredients to create all of the dishes without having to waste a huge percentage at the end of each day. If you’re opting for a traditional restaurant of a certain heritage such as an Italian, consult a Nonna or some other kind of elderly chef that can provide you with the knowledge and experience necessary to recreate truly authentic meals and offer something with a little more depth and substance.


The Design Of Your Restaurant


How your restaurant looks will influence the atmosphere and general feel massively. Worn out chairs with faded upholstery will turn away any guest, and old tables covered in scratches and dents won’t make an appetizing surface to eat from. Investing in some natural wood table tops can really improve the aesthetic value of your restaurant, and with more of a rustic edge, you can create an ‘indie’ and modern finish overall that’s really attractive to a modern, young customer base. Compliment the tables you choose with some similar chairs to match, taking the opportunity to add a pop of color and pattern in the cushions. Create a dining space organized in a way that encourages your customers to be social, such as by including some longer sharing tables that can help to increase the atmosphere. Tie in some different but relevant decorative pieces such as a photo series of cows from farm to plate if you own a steakhouse or meat joint. There are many little details that you can include to make the design of your restaurant be as amazing as it should be, but remember that the look should still have a link with your food. Don’t go overboard and try to fill up every single section of free space, as clutter can be overwhelming whilst eating and most customers will prefer a more simplistic (and seemingly more hygienic) design. More decorations can also pose a greater risk during an emergency situation inside your restaurant, as their materials may be highly flammable or potentially block your path when trying to exit the building.


Developing A Reputation


Making a name for yourself is much easier said than done. You have to put a huge emphasis on marketing in the initial development of your restaurant, as no one will know about your new creation unless you get out there and tell them what you offer and where to find you. There are so many ways that you can reach a huge amount of people very quickly, and you should take advantage of as much of these platforms as you can to make sure that you can reach every single potential customer out there. The residents of your local area should be your first focus, as they can easily become loyal customers and frequently visit your restaurant due to their homes being in such close proximity. Make a food stall of some kind to give out free samples of some of the dishes includes on your menu so that passersbys can try them and give you an honest option to help you improve and also let everyone know that the great food they’re trying is available all year round in your stylish restaurant. Word of mouth will care of the rest in this situation, as information travels fast among communities. To attract those customers that aren’t locals, you should try some kind of digital or online marketing by using social media sites or email marketing techniques, as you can reach a big number of potential patrons across the country and spread the word of your hip new restaurant that’s open for business. Offer some kind of discount or voucher to those who do come to visit, as loyal customers are what will keep you afloat in the offseason.


By focusing on a few key features, you can build an amazing restaurant with a great reputation and an enviable profit margin. Put some passion into your food and design, and show the world what you are capable of.