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Making money via the internet is a dream for many people. However, such people often assume that a dream is all that goal will ever be. This doesn’t need to be the case. There are many businesses you can start online that have major potential to succeed. The following are some you might consider starting this year.


Selling Information


There’s a good chance you have expertise that could be valuable to others. Monetizing it in the form of a blog, ebook, online course, or Youtube channel is a smart way to make money online. Maybe you want to discuss survival techniques, ranging from the basics of ‘what to do after a car accident’ to more extreme situations like what to do if your boat capsizes in the ocean.


Some have found massive success going this route. For instance, passive income expert Pat Flynn used to work at an architecture firm when he decided to pursue a certification that would make him more valuable to employers. While studying for the test he would have to take, he maintained a blog on the subject. Flynn published an ebook study guide when he realized his blog had a substantial following. In the first month, he made more than $7,000 in ebook sales. You might achieve similar results if you have knowledge to share.


Start a Consulting Business


Starting an online consulting business is another way to make money off your expertise. Again, if you have knowledge that may be valuable to others, offering web-based training programs can turn that knowledge into profit. Need help coming up with proposal ideas? Check out 20+ Stunning Consulting Proposal Templates That Will Convert Prospects to Clients.


Sharing Your Creativity


Ebooks don’t need to be informative to succeed. If you have a passion for writing fiction, you could make money from it.


Online self-publishing isn’t just for vanity projects anymore. Authors like Amanda Hocking have made millions of dollars publishing and selling their books online.


Selling Your Art


You don’t have to be a writer to make money from your creative projects. If you’re a visual artist, or if you have ideas for clever posters or apparel, you can use print on demand services to sell your designs. The print on demand model is useful because you don’t need to buy inventory before selling items. The service you work with will simply print an item when a customer orders it.

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Drop Shipping


Drop shipping is similar to print on demand businesses. It involves selling an item and allowing another business to handle the shipping. Your only focus is on customer service. That means you don’t have to worry about purchasing and storing a large inventory.


Become an Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate marketing simply involves promoting someone else’s goods or services via an online platform (blog, video channel, etc).  Every time your content yields a sale, you earn a percentage of the revenue. It’s a simple way to earn money online if you’re diligent and willing to put the work in.




Business owners rely on digital marketing to attract customers. Often, they need help. You can provide it if you have the right skill set.


If you’re a graphic designer, writer, or social media expert, your skills may be particularly valuable to business owners who wish to improve their digital marketing strategies.


Sell Items on Amazon


Fulfillment on Amazon is essentially the opposite of drop shipping. You purchase an item, write a listing for it, and sell it via Amazon. The popular online shopping platform even offers instructions to help you get started.


Become a Popular Youtube Personality


You already know you can earn money via an informative Youtube channel. That said, it’s also possible to make a big profit if you simply run a channel that entertains viewers. Channels that generate high traffic often attract advertisers looking to reach as many potential customers as possible.


Design Software


The SaaS industry involves selling useful computer programs to businesses. If you have the necessary skills, you can design a program and sell it to clients via the internet.


These examples should make one thing clear: making money online is by no means impossible. There are plenty of businesses you can start via the internet. One of these models may be ideal for your goals.