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Our business is our baby, and as such, if we are looking to stay productive, to be ahead of the trends, and ensure that we run a well-oiled machine, we could be doing our business a disservice. It all comes from a place of love and care but sometimes we can have so much of a vice-like grip on our business, that we are damaging it without realizing. What are the ways you might be damaging your business?


You are targeting the wrong people

This is all about the marketing methods. And if you have done the legwork, and targeted an audience that can you use your products, you might not necessarily be using the best one for your services. When we conduct market research, we can find that there’s a certain demographic that buys a product, and so, all our marketing efforts will focus on that, in doing this, we can completely neglect other areas. In fact, other areas may have more potential than the one you think is the correct one.


You do too much for the business

You might think it’s impossible to do too much but if you absorb yourself in all the numerous methods you may very well be detracting from the people that can do the job better than you. Remember, it’s about steering the ship, not building the rudder! You have to make the most of the right people that also remember that your position is to steer everyone in the right direction. There is no point in you getting involved in every little area because not only is your input not valid, but it depletes your entrepreneurial energy. Sometimes we need to give the go-ahead for something but we should focus on one component at a time.


You make promises you cannot keep

Bending the truth is one thing, but if you can continue to tell your employees how great everything is going when it is anything you think you’re doing it for the benefit of everyone, but if someone and covers the truth, this will make you out to be quite a devious leader. You need to tread carefully, but stay on the side of caution and ultimately remain honest. If you over-promise this could come back to bite you later on. It’s all about your reputation, and not just now, but in the long run. You may not even be in this business years from now. Always remain true to yourself, and stay honest.


The business is growing too much

Growth on the surface isn’t a bad thing. Ultimately if you have the potential for more sales and revenue, this can result in numerous growing pains. As such, you may have to hire more people and these people end up being wrong for the company, and as such, you will find yourself collapsing under the weight of pressure. Growing your business isn’t about aiming for the stars right away, but it’s about scaling it accordingly. And this means you need to keep yourself in check.