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A commercial burglar alarm is a necessity for any business, but it can be difficult to know what type of alarm to go for. 


Most business security companies today have a full range of monitored intruder alarms available, and they will carry out a free site survey and use their experience to determine the right alarm system for your business. 


A monitored alarm system can also be integrated with other security solutions. This includes business CCTV, access control, and much more. 


What is a monitored alarm?


A monitored alarm is one that sends a signal to a monitoring station once an emergency event has been registered by your control panel. It ensures that any incidents can be dealt with efficiently. 


Different types of monitored alarms


There are different types of monitored alarms available. The most popular is the one that is connected to a central security monitoring station, meaning the security firm will be alerted as soon as your home has been breached. 


You can also get police monitored alarms, meaning the police will be alerted if your system detects anyone in your property. 


You can also connect your alarm system to any smart device, such as your mobile phone or tablet, ensuring you are kept in the loop no matter where you are. 


Tailoring your security plan


There is a lot that needs to be considered when installing monitored intruder alarms at your business, from the type of alarm to the placement of it. This is why we advise looking for a company that will offer a free, no-obligation site survey, enabling them to understand the ins and outs of your workplace so that they can secure it properly. This ensures they will place the alarms strategically, enabling customized protection for every room. 


Wired vs. wireless


Wireless alarms are faster and less disruptive to install. However, they will require regular battery changes to ensure the system works correctly. 


Wired systems are still considered more reliable, however, wireless has caught up over the past few years. 


Alarm installation


Every installation is different. That’s why you must treat your security plan individually. 


Maintaining and servicing your alarm 


Monitoring of your security system should be performed by an external Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is permanently on call to notify the building owners in the event of a suspected security breach.


Business security monitoring and maintenance cover any required servicing, repair, and spare parts if required due to intruder damage or in the event of any system faults.


When your alarm system has been set up, you are able to appoint several ‘keyholders’ to be notified in the event of your alarm going off. This would likely involve yourself, trusted employees, family members, friends, and neighbors. You and your designated keyholders would all receive notification from the Alarm Receiving Centre.


In addition to your keyholders being notified, taking up our police response option means the police will also receive notice of your alarm going off. This would occur in the event of two or more detectors being activated within 30 minutes of each other. This is known as a ‘confirmed signal’. 


An additional bonus to security monitoring and maintenance is that having added security may mean a lower insurance premium from your provider. This is determined wholly by your business and contents’ insurance provider so all checks regarding costs should be made directly through them.