Virtual Assistant New Client Welcome Kit

The Virtual Assistant New Client Welcome Kit

With Customizable Forms of Pre-Created Content to Use Over and Over Again.

Why would a Virtual Assistant need a New Client Welcome Kit?

  1. To show your clients that you have an efficient system for running your own business.  This will increase their confidence in you to make their lives easier.
  2. It will make your life easier.  If you have pre-created forms, you will have everything you need to welcome your new client in a matter of minutes.  No more wondering how to word a contract or create an invoice template!
  3. You can brand these according to your business, including adding logos, changing colors, tweaking verbiage, and more.  Since these forms are in .doc format, you still have full control of your unique requirements.

You’ll receive the following 17 forms, saving you hours of time and headache:

The forms you'll receive in your virtual assistant new client welcome kit.

Once you purchase, your files will be immediately available for download…

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