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As a business owner, you need to be competent and capable. You might be a grand visionary and have truly excellent ideas that could lead to success, but if you’re not able to make important decisions in the moment, it can paralyze your business’s ability to grow. However, it doesn’t need to stay that way. Here, we’re going to look at steps you can improve your ability to make decisions.

Have a process

If it’s a major decision, then you might be faced with choice paralysis. Your own subjective views of the risks of each choice can really drag you down. If that starts to happen, then you have to make sure that you have an effective process for truly weighing those options. Coming up with a clear system by which you outline the pros, cons, and values of each decision can help you work through them. You will often start to get a better gut feeling about one decision before you even finish the process.


Have a plan

Making a decision with no context to follow is a very easy way to lose yourself in the mire, indeed. For that reason, having a “true north” to follow can be very helpful. Keeping your goals in mind, whether it’s increasing your profits, improving customer success, or growing your business profile can help. However, having a full-fledged business plan at your disposal is always going to be the best resource for finding your blueprint. Once you know your direction, it can be easier to identify the decisions that help you stick to that direction.


Get the experts in

Sometimes, a little extra insight can help you make decisions much more effectively. If you come up against decisions in areas that you’re not entirely certain about, such as financial planning, then you can do your own research to make sure that you’re able to more competently make those decisions. That can be very time-consuming, however, and sometimes, business consulting services can help you make those decisions much more quickly. Get the experts in to provide the context and the knowledge that you might be missing, helping relate the implications of each decision to you in a way that shows you how it directly affects your business.


Be confident in your decisions

Sometimes, you might make a decision and have a good feeling that it is the correct decision, but you have difficulty really pulling the trigger on it. This may well be because you need to build up your confidence in your ability to run the business. Some people simply need to work on their confidence, and often it comes with experience and success, but you can work with a confidence coach or even follow them online to become the confident business owner that you need to be.


Decisiveness is important in business, but it needs to be fuelled by confidence, insight, and by a good set of principles that you are always able to follow. Once those are in place, decisions tend to be able to make themselves.