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Remote working has been something that employees have been looking for for a long time now. Even before COVID-19 made working from home a necessity for many, it was high up on the priority list for those who wanted to achieve the right work-life balance. Today, there are more chances to work from home than ever, but that does mean there is a lot more choice when it comes to the job you could do. This is no bad thing, but it is something you will need to consider carefully. Here are some of the most popular jobs to do from home; do any of them appeal? 


Every business will need an accountant, no matter what size it is or what sector it is in. Getting the financials right is crucial in terms of tax, cash flow, and budgeting. An accountant will be able to assure any business owner of the true situation of their business, whatever they might be. They will advise on the best course of action relating to any prize-linked savings account, shares, profits, and much more. 


It’s the ideal job to do from home since, unlike in the past, you don’t have to meet with your clients face to face. Thanks to the cloud and sharing apps, all the relevant information can either be sent to you, or you can have a log-in for the company’s accounts. That means you can work for a variety of different clients at the same time. You need a good head for figures, and math has to be something you enjoy, but since it is a lucrative career with many prospects, it’s a great choice if you do like numbers. 



Although many teachers did have to move to remote working recently, most of them are now back in the classroom, and it’s not something that, in the traditional sense, can be done from home. However, if you enjoy educating children – or adults, come to that – and you do want to work from home, then you can become a tutor rather than a teacher. 


A tutor is an educator who specializes in one specific subject or topic and offers additional learning on top of that you or your child already has. There are dozens of different types of tutors, from traditional math, English, and science ones to more unusual subjects such as dog grooming, cake decorating, and piano playing. If you have a particular skill and you feel you could pass that skill onto others, you can do so remotely and enjoy a promising career that way. 



A consultant is someone who helps different businesses and organizations with problems they have in terms of areas that need to be improved and projects that have stalled. A consultant will usually have worked in business themselves and have many years of experience behind them because they will need to be experts in their field if anyone will hire them. 


It used to be the case that a consultant would go into an office for a week or more at a time and work with the business owner to correct the problems. Today this is unnecessary, and everything a consultant does can be done remotely if they want to.