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If you have the ability to write good copy, a decent sense of why people buy the products and services they do, and some business sense, then marketing can be a great field of work to get into. It’s about connecting brands to customers by connecting products and services to the wants and desires of those using them. However, it’s also about understanding the various different platforms and systems used to do just that.


Here, we’re going to look at some of the services that you can offer businesses if you get into the freelance market. What’s more, we’re going to look at some of the tools that can make it much easier to offer those services. Adding additional services to what you already do can help you attract new customers, after all.

Content writing

One of the most in-demand services at the moment. Everyone working online needs content and if you’re willing to work in a variety of different formats, you can enjoy an endless supply of work. This can involve writing website copy, writing product descriptions, writing blog posts, and much more. You may decide certain types of content don’t fit your strengths along the way, but it’s a good idea to be open at first and try them out.


Social media

One of the daily marketing chores that many small brands are going to try to outsource as soon as they can is that of social media. Simply put, it can be very difficult to manage an active brand across multiple channels while you’re also running the company. As such, if you’re able to demonstrate your knowledge of different social media platforms, you can take over it for them. It’s a good idea to make use of social media management tools if you plan on doing that, too, as it allows you to work on multiple accounts from one platform and also allows you to schedule posts so you can knock out all your social media work in a short time.



Advertising is one of the biggest drivers of revenue online. While organic marketing is also important, nothing is going to drive clicks and conversions as effectively as well-made and targeted ads. If you’re able to write good copy, you should be able to write good ads, as well. However, if you spend most of your time on content writing, you can still offer ads through white labeling. Effectively, you can make use of ad copy already provided by others, and adapt it to the needs of the client. This approach won’t work for every client, but it’s a great way to help them get started with online advertising.



In terms of organic marketing, search engines have become one of the most important and powerful tools on the internet. Put simply, they’re one of the greatest driving forces of traffic that isn’t won through direct advertising. However, while most freelancers might not know SEO, themselves, it is possible to partner with an agency that will be willing to offer those services under your name. They will get the bulk of the revenue from it, but you get a share and you also get to keep your clients under your roof, so to speak, instead of forcing them to look for others to take care of needs that you can’t.



If you’re a good copywriter, it doesn’t take too much work to get good at creating email campaigns, either. If clients are looking for newsletters or round-ups, then using email campaign tools can allow you to quickly create them using nothing more than drag and drop options. A few good stock photo websites can help you find imagery to make them stand out, as well.



This isn’t really a service to offer independently of any of the others, but it is rather a skill that you should learn and advertise alongside the services you already do. Your ability to read analytics, understand the most important KPI, and measure the success of your marketing efforts can help you greatly substantiate the benefits of working with you. Clients might not understand absolutely all of your choices, but they will be able to see that it’s working for them, keeping them happy and keeping you paid.


What services you decide to offer depends on not only what you’re able to get the most work in, but where you excel. Consider which of the above services best suit your services and which you might be able to offer as extras with a little help.