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When running a business, there may come a point when you want (or perhaps need) to hire employees. If it expands fast or you want to spend more time doing other things, hiring people to assist you and lighten your workload is critical.


However, hiring is not as straightforward as just posting a job advertisement and interviewing people who seem to be qualified. You must also look after them when you take them on, otherwise, they will quickly move on to somewhere that prioritizes their requirements, leaving you to start all over again. Looking after their health is a crucial part of having workers and should be properly considered. Here are some reasons why employee health is so important and why it’s your duty to look after it as much as possible.

Better Engagement 

When your staff is healthy, they will be more involved in their work. Whether it’s physical or mental health, they will not be sidetracked by pain or other issues; they will be able to completely focus on the task at hand.


If you see any workers who are not engaged, make an effort to communicate with them, not to chastise them, so you can find out what the problem is. It might be a medical issue, in which case you must deal with it as a manager. It may be as easy as sending them outside for some fresh air or sending them home for the day to recuperate, or it could be something more severe, in which case you will potentially need to arrange for a medical evaluation. In any case, the fact that you care enough to inquire is a vital component of having happy staff.


Less Time Lost

Employees who are in excellent health will miss fewer days of work. This means that everything will go as planned, and you will have less to cope with on your own. When one employee is absent, others will need to take up the burden, which could disrupt the staff and yourself. It might even lead to more sick people as they become overwhelmed by their extra duties. And so, the cycle continues and gets worse. 


Not only that, but having people off sick could cause projects to be delayed and cost the company money. This is why it’s critical to monitor your workers’ health and do all necessary to keep them as healthy as possible. From ergonomic furniture to enough break periods, the more you can do to make them as comfortable as possible, the less time they will take off work, and the better your company will be.


Loyal Employees

When you create a really supportive atmosphere at work and prioritize your workers’ well-being and health, you will discover that they are more loyal to you for a longer period of time. They will be happy, feel appreciated and respected, and perform better and more efficiently. This is wonderful for your company, but it also means they are more likely to remain with you for a long time, saving you the trouble and expense of having to hire new personnel.


This is especially crucial if someone has been declared ill for an extended period of time, such as following surgery or due to a situation that required a medical malpractice attorney. By checking in with them to learn more about what happened and how they feel and providing them a gradual return to work, you demonstrate that they are still valuable to you and the organization.