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It’s true. Several days ago I spent $582 on the new iPhone 6s.  That was VERRRY hard for this frugal girl to justify, but after running the numbers and comparing all of the options, I’m convinced that it was still the best deal around.

Let me explain.

All of the major cell phone carriers are offering “great deals” if you switch to them.  You see the competing commercials, hear the radio ads and think that the grass is greener with the other carrier.  You may be right, you might save by switching to Verizon or Sprint or T-Mobile or AT&T, but have you calculated the costs over time?

Many of the major cell phone service providers are offering a new iPhone for around $25 a month, give or take a few dollars.  That sounds pretty good considering the hefty amount you’d have to fork over up front (if you even have that option with them).  The problem is, that $25 usually does not include:

  • Insurance – averaging $7-15 a month
  • Access Fees (whatever the heck that means) -averaging $20-$35 a month
  • Straightforward monthly data fees – $30 to $150+ a month
  • Actually OWNING the iPhone (which by the way, hold their value in the second-hand market like you wouldn’t believe!) – Even the last version of the iPhone is going for $250-$300 on ebay or craigslist.
  • Taxes (which can vary wildly based on location and final plan choice) – $5-$15 a month
  • Contract penalties (they might buy you out with a “sweet” sounding deal, but that money might just pay off your early termination fee if you’re already in a contract) $$$$

I compared the best new iPhone deals of the 4 major cell phone service providers and the CHEAPEST option was $96 for one person and $180 for two.  That is with a very low-end service plan and minimal options.


Then, of course, Virgin Mobile saved the day with their $582 (including taxes and 2 days shipping) iPhone 6s.


I’ve been with Virgin Mobile for over a year and I honestly can’t find a better deal.  When I first decided  to go with Virgin, it was because they had EXCELLENT coverage areas. Even in my remote, no cable access area, the service was spot on.  They also have Unlimited text, talk AND data and give an additional $5 off per month for iPhone customers.  I bought a used iPhone 4s on craigslist for $100 (which was 4 years old and going strong).  I paid $30 a month + $3.50 for taxes.  For a year, I spent just $41.83 total for an iPhone that served me well and all the talk, text and data my heart desired.  My husband has a crappy old LG phone that was free and he’s still using, but he has to pay $40 a month (because it’s not an iphone and he signed up before their great iPhone deal).

I found out that I could get a new iPhone, which would give me better quality options with my VA business and still get the $33.50 a month deal, give him my iPhone 4s (it still beats his LG) and he’d pay just $33.50 a month too.

There you have it.  $67 a month for unlimited everything.  When you factor in my new iPhone, even at $582, if I keep it for 2 years, I’m paying $24.25 a month to own it, but I know I could sell it for $250+ at that point in time. That nets a cost of $332.00 to me and if you divide that by 24 months, that’s just $13.83 a month.

Here’s the math broken down:

$13.83 per month for 24 months for a new iPhone 6s.

$33.50 per month for service with Virgin Mobile.

$o.00 per month for the iPhone 4S my husband (he couldn’t care less)

$33.50 per month for my husband’s service with Virgin Mobile.


TOTAL PER MONTH: $80.83 for an iPhone 6s, iPhone 4s and Unlimited Text, Talk and Data for 2 people, including taxes.

Seriously, I’ve done the research and you can’t find a better deal!

Check out Virgin Mobile if you want to save some MOOLAH!








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