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Your customers are the backbone of your business. The more you cater to their needs and expectations, the healthier your profit line. It’s why keeping your customers informed is good for your brand, and for multiple reasons! Check out the most pressing below. 

In Case of a Data Breach


This is the main reason you want to stay in touch with your customers. If there’s a data breach while you’re holding onto their sensitive information, they need to know as soon as possible. 


Names, addresses, contact numbers and email address, as well as credit or debit card details, are time sensitive. If someone needs to change a detail such as their password, or they need to cancel their card, give them as much of a forward chance as possible. 


An issue like this shouldn’t be kept secret until you have the chance to secure your data again – make it known and tell them everything you’re doing now to both rectify the issue and keep their data safe in future as well. 


So They Know What to Expect Next


If you keep your customers informed about what you’re doing, announcements won’t come out of nowhere. Say you want to expand into a new physical location; using social media for franchises best practices will keep them informed about your progress every step of the way. 


Your customers feel involved, which is good for adding that element of reliability to your brand. And if they have a heads up about a new location or a new product coming their way, they’re going to be queuing up from the moment it all goes live!


For Better Reviews


When you do everything you can to communicate with your customers, you’re much more likely to bring in 5 star reviews. People like knowing someone behind the brand cares about what they think. So, when someone comments on a post, or sends you a message, always send back a response. 


And while some responses can be taken straight from a template, it’s good to sprinkle some personality in every now and then. Be responsive, be as positive as possible, and try to work with any criticism in a respectful manner. It’s hard to hear someone ‘attack’ the business you’ve put together, but your professionalism will shine through. 


Transparency Equals Trust


When you’re transparent, you create an environment of trust. When a customer feels like they can trust you, they’re going to come back for more. You’ve developed a relationship with them, after all, and that’s something they won’t get if they shop elsewhere. This is especially crucial if you work with customers face to face; repeat custom comes from that sense of goodwill. And while making a good impression sounds hard, it’s a lot easier than you might think. 


Keeping your customers informed gives you the best way in throughout the entire market. Use methods like these to create a feeling of trust and respect between you and your customer base at large.