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If some of you are of a certain age, you will remember 10/15 years ago that if you Googled “earn cash from home” you were going to fall either headfirst into a scam, end up buying an airport somewhere, or if you were lucky, you’d fill in 400 surveys and earn enough to buy a candy bar.


Luckily times have moved on, and so has the internet, and while it still has its dark corners, there is now plenty of opportunity to earn some real money from home. Now, for some people, the money they can earn will simply boost their income a little, and for others, well, they have found a way to earn their whole salary from the comfort of their own home.


So, what’s changed? Well, in all honesty, the world has changed. Nowadays, there is so much opportunity in the digital world, and many companies that started small are now so big that they need as many people as possible to help them succeed.


In this post, we are going to be looking at a few of the ways you can now earn money from the comfort of your own home. Some of the opportunities we present may earn you a little, and others have the potential to earn you a lot.



If you think back to your younger years and really ponder over what investment was back then, it was something for people with a lot of money, and it played out to those with a lot of money or a lot of courage.


Nowadays, investment is something everybody can look at. In truth, there are so many investment opportunities online or even via apps; it’s quite hard not to boost your income with investments.


Of course, over the last few years, crypto has been the go-to investment for a lot of people, and while it was once quite complicated to get your head around, there have been companies working hard to bring you the easiest method of crypto investment in order to make it simple for you to invest and earn quickly.




If back in 1996, when blogging first really showed its face somebody would have told you that one day it will pay your wages, you probably would have laughed. Well, it seems that for a select few, this is now a reality.


In these times, if your blog is a great value and reaches the right people in the right way, you can earn quite big from it.


One thing you should remember though, is this, while your blog may be worth something, it may not be worth as much as some websites may tell you. Only a very small percentage of bloggers earn big from their blog, while others may earn it will be small amounts.


While this may be disheartening for some who believe they are worth thousands per post, the truth is that while you may only be worth a small portion of that, over a year, everything adds up and boosts your income.