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If you are snowed under with all sorts of paperwork, payroll and HR tasks as well as trying to find the time to update the WiFi and fix the printer, you need to consider the joys of outsourcing for your business. Taking the plunge and relinquishing some of your business functions to off-site experts can be terrifying. Your startup is like your baby – you have nurtured it and got it into the successful position that it is in today. However, you also need to realize that to expand, grow and move forward, you may need to outsource those functions that make your time inefficient or that you simply don’t have the skills for in house. Take a look at these three different business functions that you might want to outsource in order to see your business thrive.



There’s nothing worse than getting to the final Thursday in the month and having to spend an afternoon completing payroll. You might want to buy in some specialist software to complete this tedious business function for you, but this still requires some input by you. Instead, consider outsourcing this administrative task to external experts. These individuals know financial legislation and employee rights like the back of their hand. They will work with you to hone your pay structure and will formulate the paychecks for your staff weekly or monthly. Never again will you have to stress about the tax rates of your staff or have to worry about fulfilling your pension obligations.




The world of IT is a massive one. From WiFi to the cloud storage and from SEO to website design, it can be difficult to keep your entire IT provision in house. Don’t worry. The beast of cybersecurity is a tricky one to slay, so why not outsource this function to a specialist like SundogIT. These experts will hone a cybersecurity plan with you and protect your assets. You won’t have to simply rely on a generic Firewall and instead, you will bask in the knowledge that your files are well encrypted, and your data is protected. If the worst should happen, regular backups will ensure that your business can still continue to function. Ransomware and spyware can be hugely detrimental to a company so it’s vital that you work with a specialist team to mitigate this risk.


Social Media


Sometimes the realm of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can seem overwhelming. You’d love to spend your days scrolling through your feeds, posting witty comments, and linking to your well-written blog, but you just don’t have the time. A freelance social media manager could be the answer. These individuals harness your company voice and engage with your clientele driving traffic to your website that you can then convert into sales. Harnessing the power of social media will enhance your online presence and make your brand more visible to a global market.


Being an entrepreneur can be daunting. However, focus on the tasks that you can do well and outsource others to ensure that your business has the greatest chance of success.