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As an entrepreneur, you are quite possibly always on the lookout for an idea that can be seriously beneficial to you. Well, it seems that over the last few years, there have been masses of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs that have been finding a way into the world of property.


Now, when we talk about property, most people start to roll their eyes and think that it’s all about buying, flipping and selling, or buy to let. The truth is, property holds so much more in the way of opportunities than this.


To be honest, the aforementioned routes into property are only a very small percentage of what makes up property businesses as a whole and you would be well advised if somebody told you to look a little deeper into the possibilities.


Today, we are going to be showing you just a couple of suggestions you may wish to look at when it comes to starting a new business in the world of property. While you may not see returns that you could on a small percentage of flipped properties, you will surely be presented with ideas that could be the best business step you will ever take.

Home Staging


Over the last decade, it seems that one of the most popular business ideas among entrepreneurs has been all about home staging, and what’s unbelievable is that still, to this day, many people are clueless about what it is.


A home staging business is simple, you take an empty house, and you lease furniture to the owner and set it up in the best way possible to maximize the possibility of a sale. Much of the time, you will be better off getting some contracts with people who regularly buy and sell houses, but this is not imperative.


Of course, starting a business like this requires some capital, and you may also look at contracting yourself. One of the most notable contracts you need will be with a local moving company. Having a contract like this will be that when somebody calls needing staging, you have a company on hand that can deliver by the required timescale.


Property Management


One of the best ideas for a low capital startup is always going to be in property management. It seems that nowadays, property management is more popular than ever, and if you want to succeed, you just need to undercut your competitors by a small percentage.


Operating a business in property management will also require you to work with contracted specialists such as builders, electricians and plumbers but as most of them work on an invoice basis, you will find that your monthly income will always be far higher than your outgoings.


When it comes to property, there are so many entry points you can look at if you want to start up on your own, whether you look at SSA, HMO or either of the two we have looked at today; you will surely find that as far as businesses go, you will be on your way to making your fortune in no time.