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All managers, irrespective of the industry they are involved in, need to have a thorough understanding of health and safety and the responsibilities they must carry out. 


As legal experts like Canyon Legal Group will tell you, a lot of legal issues arise due to health and safety problems. 


This is exactly what the IOSH Managing Safely course is all about. It ensures that all supervisors and managers have the essential knowledge and skills to handle health and safety within both the working environment and their teams. In this post, we are going to explore all of the benefits your business can experience from this IOSH course. 


But, first, it is vital to provide you with an overview regarding the course content. There are eight interactive modules, and these are as follows – an introduction to managing safely, identifying hazards, knowing your responsibilities, risk assessment, risk control, protecting our environment, measuring performance, and investigating accidents and incidents. So, what are the benefits of this IOSH course?


  • Improve health and safety – There is only one place to begin, and this is, of course, with the fact that you will be able to raise awareness of health and safety across all of your business, which is guaranteed to lead to significant improvements. Not only can your supervisors and managers make practical improvements themselves, but also they will be able to empower all employees by passing on their knowledge.
  • Cost reductions – You can expect your business to experience a significant reduction in expenditure, as a result of a fall in the number of accidents at your company.
  • Increase stakeholder confidence – You can also increase stakeholder confidence in your company by having IOSH trained managers and supervisors in place. This will highlight that you have a continued commitment to improvement.
  • Enhance your reputation – You can expect to maintain an excellent reputation by investing in this kind of health and safety course. After all, you earn credibility when you are a company that has an evident track history of responsible management. 
  • Create a safety awareness culture – You can create a culture in your business whereby everyone across the board is aware of safety and understands that safety measures must be implemented. At present, there is a lot of disregard for this at numerous businesses throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Enhance productivity – As mentioned earlier, your expenses will reduce due to a lowering in employee sickness. But this is not the only benefit you will experience because of this, as you can also expect productivity levels to increase significantly as well. 
  • Increase employee confidence – You can increase both employee confidence and satisfaction, as you are demonstrating to all of your workers that you take their well-being seriously. 
  • Serve the community – Last but not least, when your business improves its health and safety practises, this has a direct impact on the immediate environment and the safety of those in the community. Therefore, by ensuring your workplace is one that is responsible and safe, you are actually extending your service to the community.