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If your eCommerce store is failing, there are numerous reasons why. Addressing just one can help, but you need to reassess your store every now and then. The reasons can often be beyond your control. From stagnant web traffic to a poor user experience, here are some more.

You Don’t Have Reliable Logistics

You can have the best-designed store on the web, but it won’t do you much good if you don’t nail the logistical side of things. Poor logistics means your products and services don’t get shipped in time, and this means your rating drops. Finding the right fulfillment center is essential for this. Some offer advanced systems that integrate with apps, AI, and other services for direct customer shipping. These simplify the entire process from the initial order to a customer’s door.

Website Traffic is Too Low

Your online store depends on getting traffic. Traffic is the number of people coming to your site. There are many reasons why traffic can become stagnant and even drop. Some of the most common include poor SEO, a slow website, and not being compatible across multiple browsers and devices. It could also be the case you aren’t appealing to the right audience. Understanding the audience you need is vital so you can make changes that attract the right customers.

Your eCommerce Store is Failing to Convert

Getting the right customers is hard enough. But what about getting them to buy stuff? This is known as conversion, and it is simply the number of people buying products. This is the cornerstone of marketing and online store development, yet it is a hard thing to achieve. Landing pages are one of the best ways to increase conversions. You need to make sure customers come in strong and are attracted to your site. Reviews and testimonials will help.

A Poor User Experience

The customer’s journey from sire entry to conversion must be as easy as possible. This is known as the user experience or UX. The UX needs to be simple yet effective. Too many bumps in the road can cause a customer to leave your site before they buy anything. These include pop-ups, having to register to buy something, and deceptive shipping charges. All of these will lead to shopping cart abandonment, which costs online stores over $18 billion each year.

You’re Selling the Wrong Products

You can’t become an online supermarket that sells everything. There is too much competition, and there is no unique selling point. You need a unique selling point that attracts a group of customers. This is known as your niche, and it is vital for generating traffic and conversions. A niche helps you avoid market saturation for particular products and stay ahead of trends. You can check trending products in relation to search terms at certain times using Google Trends.


Unreliable logistics will be among the top reasons your eCommerce store is failing. Your landing pages may also be failing to convert, and you might simply be selling saturated products.