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Your community has a lot of sway over how much money you’re bringing in. The amount of jobs in the area, the types of jobs, and where your community even just physically exists all factor into the income you receive on a monthly basis, and the expenses you have to pay out each and every month. 


So, if you’re planning to try and make or save more money in the future, you might want to think about targeting your community finances at large. Because there’s some good work you can do here, to benefit every single person who lives around you, as well as boosting your own bank account at the same time. 

Offer Your Skills


If you offer your skills to your community, in the form of holding evening classes or even just one time big event nights, you can make a lot more sustainable money. You can hone your skills, whatever they may be, and as long as they offer practical knowledge, and you know there’s some interest for them, people will pay to learn from you. Price yourself reasonably and you’ll get even more interest! 


Band Together


Banding together is something you’re going to want to do to increase the pot of finances you hold as a community. Often enough, community-based businesses and social schemes are a result of more than one local person joining together and putting their best foot forward, and it could be a great way for you to give back to your neighborhood, while also getting a lot more out of it. 


Websites such as Paul Ognibene will show you just how powerful knowing and understanding your community can be – if you set up crowdfunding platforms, or hold regular community events to raise a bit of money, a lot more resources and/or services can be set up for you all to make use of. And that can save a lot of money in the long run! 


Make Use of Local Services


And speaking of saving money by making use of local services, be sure to buy and sell locally more often. Try not to buy all of your weekly goods from big, chain stores, and instead look to the little guy that lives and works in the same area as you. It puts a lot more money back into your community, and this money moves further and further down the chain of commerce local to you. 


Most of all, buying local farm produce saves a lot of money, because it doesn’t have to travel, nor does it have to be packaged. Plus, this goes a long way to reducing your carbon footprint as well; you won’t have to pay to offset this in the future either! 


Making some more money, in the long term, means you need to focus on your home and where it is. All in all, you’ll be giving some more to your community, and you’ll be getting a lot more back from them!