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In the current economy, jobs are scarce and everybody is holding onto their employment status for dear life. It seems that the coronavirus crisis has tipped the world economy into even more chaos, echoing the turbulent times of 2008’s financial crash. It isn’t all doom and gloom, however – many companies have thrived and boosted their sales in this time, and everyone around the world has stayed inside, taken care of themselves and held their families close.


Getting a promotion might be the last thing on your mind in the current economic climate, but in actual fact, many businesses are crying out for experienced individuals who can help them rebuild after the losses of COVID-19. You could be primed and ready for a promotion in no time at all. 

How Do I Go Up For A Promotion?


There are a few seminal pieces of advice when it comes to going up for a promotion in your company. Here are the things you need to know.

  • Make Yourself Noticeable.


If you have been at your company a long time, unfortunately it can be the case that you’re taken for granted by your boss. If you’ve been a loyal employee who always works hard, sometimes your hard work goes unnoticed. In order to go up for a promotion, ensure your boss acknowledges your work. This could be done by increasing communications, and going the extra mile to prove your dedication to the job.

  • Asking For It.


If you think you’d be perfect for a promotion at your job, make the case for it. Employers appreciate it when their employees are straightforward and ambitious; do not wait to be asked. Instead, request a meeting with your superiors at work and wear your best outfit; bring along your performance data and a list of reasons why you are the perfect candidate. Your boss will appreciate your confidence and this will help you beat the competition.

  • Make Yourself Unbeatable.


One way to assure you get the promotion you deserve is to make yourself unbeatable by the competition. Any job advertised at the moment will sometimes receive hundreds of applications, so how do you stand out on paper? This is achievable by getting extra training and qualifications that will make you an irresistible candidate. For example if you are a warehouse worker looking to become a foreman or manager, getting your license to operate a forklift independently will prove your commitment and make your employer notice you.

  • Use Your Loyalty.

If you are going up for a promotion in the company you’ve worked at for years already, use this loyalty to leverage an offer. This means using your unique knowledge of this particular company’s needs, as well as your personal relationships with your bosses, to achieve the promotion. You have already been loyal to this company, and should have the upper hand over an outside hire who doesn’t know the company like you do.


Just because the world is experiencing a rough year, doesn’t mean  you shouldn’t go after what you want. Have confidence in your expertise and go after that promotion you deserve.