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There are many reasons to use LEDs in your business. Overall they are cost-effective. But the list of benefits is so huge that you really must consider using them if you don’t already. So, here are some of the top points to consider using diodes over standard fluorescent office lights.

They offer a Touch of Elegance

One of the most popular reasons that people choose to use LEDs is simply because they look great. You can use them across all surfaces, wrap them around and place them pretty much anywhere. You can even make your commercial handrails look elegant with strategically placed LED lights in your office. Additionally, you can use them with smart tech and smartphone apps for timing, color control, and dimming. To be more specific, they just look cool when done right.

They’re Very Environmentally Friendly

Speaking of cool, LEDs are much more energy efficient than standard lighting. They use 85% less electricity and don’t produce any heat. As a result, they will save you money on energy bills and contribute to your company’s green policy. This is because they are sustainable, have minimal environmental impact, and lower your carbon footprint. Further, LEDs don’t require any specialist disposal services when they expire because they don’t contain hazardous materials.

Reasons to Use LEDs Includes Health and Safety

Poor lighting is one of the main reasons for exterior office injuries at work. And although LEDs are small, they are very bright, which increases exponentially when used together. For example, LED torches combine multiple diodes to emit a stronger light. But because you can place them anywhere, you can light dark areas of the office, guide personnel between departments and reduce eye strain. LEDs also don’t cause some of the issues that fluorescents are known for.

They are Extremely Resilient

One of the best uses of LEDs is for external lighting, such as signs. This is because they are more resistant to cold than standard lights. Some lighting, such as traditional fluorescent, require more voltage to work in cold temperatures. This can make them blow out. Yet LEDs perform much better in freezing conditions. So you can use them for external lighting, in your restaurant meat lockers, or inside any product-specific, low-temperature product testing labs.

They Use Mostly Visible Light

Visible light is the light we see from the sun. Some traditional light sources give off light beyond the visible light spectrum, such as UV. LEDs don’t do this. Because of this, they are useful for lighting delicate works of art because they won’t damage them. Additionally, they can be used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is thought to happen due to lack of visible light. Therefore, LEDs can potentially decrease employee absence and help improve mental health.


Reasons to use LEDs typically include much lower costs. But they also look great when controlled with smart tech. And they can help with health and safety issues, including mental health. Yet they also have the ability to operate in much lower temperatures than fluorescents.