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Getting started with investing can be tricky, there are plenty of options, and not all are suited to beginners. To get you off to a great start, these tips are just what you need.

1. Invest In Balanced Funds 


Balanced Funds refer to a kind of mutual fund, they consist of a bond, a stock, and a money market. All components exist as part of one portfolio. These funds balance debt and equity, the purpose is to make an income by growing the funds. Balanced funds are perfect for investors who require capital as well as safety. When you have a balanced fund, you invest in a variety of assets, these assets consist of both high and low-risk elements.

2. A Certificate Of Deposit Account


A Certificate Of Deposit is a product that is offered by most banks. These are accounts that offer high-interest rates, the account user is required to keep a fixed lump-sum in the account, for a set period of time. A CD is a low-risk investment, ideal for those with little experience. With a Certificate Of Deposit, you’re guaranteed a return, and you don’t need any skills or expertise to invest.


3. Robo Advisor Applications


To get started as a new investor, Robo Advisors are the perfect financial tool. A Robo Advisor is a type of online platform, which offers financial planning services, along with investment options. These platforms work by gathering your financial data and then making auto investments, based on your goals. There are several benefits to using a Robo Advisor such as portfolio management, advanced security, inexpensive fees, and low customer service. Robo Advisors are perfect for beginner investors because you don’t need large amounts of money to make a start.

4. Hire An Investment Manager


Once you’ve started to build up a portfolio, it’s useful to work with an investment manager, to help you grow and organize your investments. To improve your returns it’s important to optimize your portfolio. There are many aspects to a well-designed portfolio. You’ll need to use the best investment managers and take a market-based approach to allocating your assets. To learn more about asset management, Wayne Blazejczyk of Bateau Asset Management, has plenty of expertise.


5. We Study Billionaires: The Investors Podcast


To learn about investing and get plenty of inspiration, be sure to check out the investor’s podcast. Here you’ll find all the latest trends and news from the investment world. Founders of the podcast use their extensive finance knowledge to analyze plenty of topics, whether it’s real estate or future trends. Each week hosts Stig Brodsen and Preston Pysh are joined by high-profile guests from the Mastermind Group. Throughout the episodes, the team discuss some of the most renowned billionaires in the world, and how they made their money.


Whether it’s real estate investment or peer to peer lending, there are plenty more options once you get a little experience. The more you learn, the more you’ll increase your returns and start to make a profit.