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Everyone dreams of getting their big break where they finally start making loads of money. Today, we’re going to explore some different tactics that might help you get yours! Needless to say, there are many ways you can make money in life. However, a lot of these ideas require lots of training, multiple resources, and loads of equipment. 


In this post, you’ll find five ways to earn a fortune with just your laptop and an internet connection – nothing else. 

Day trading

If you’re interested in investing money, day trading might be a smart idea. The concept is relatively simple: you buy and sell things online for a profit. This mainly involves stocks and shares, but Forex trading is also extremely popular – and cryptocurrency day trading is also gaining traction because the market is so volatile. 

You may be wondering, what is forex trading? Essentially, it is a trading style involving flipping different currencies against each other for profit. This can be an easy option to help you achieve a profit from home in no time. 

Of all the ideas on this list, day trading is perhaps the most complicated. While you can do it with just a laptop, it is worth learning more about the topic before you begin. If you read this here, you can start understanding different techniques and strategies to help you get the most out of trading. 


When done correctly, this can be the idea that yields the biggest earnings!



Dropshipping is one of the internet’s best ideas. It basically allows you to start a business without worrying about logistics. You can create an online store using various eCommerce platforms, and then you list products to sell. 


To the consumer, your website looks like any other online store they’ll visit. They can browse through your offerings, add things to a basket, and make a purchase. The key thing about dropshipping is that you never have contact with the items you sell. Unlike a traditional eCommerce store, you don’t have to invest in space to store your stock. Instead, you purchase it from wholesale websites and get the items delivered to your buyers. 


Effectively, you act as the middle-man between them and the actual supplier. All you have to do is price your products above what you pay for them, and you can make a big profit. The key to success is a good marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site, eliciting more sales. 



Listen, we’ve all got something that we’re good at. Some of you may love writing, others may have specific skills relevant to a certain industry. In any case, you can use your skills to make a lot of money online. You see, we’re living in something called a gig economy, which is where people pay others to do specific jobs for them. In essence, you can start freelancing online, offering your service to anyone that needs it. 


The more gigs you take, the more money you can make. Platforms like Fiverr make it really easy for freelancers to find lots of work every single day. Again, all you need is a laptop – nothing else. You can literally make money selling any kind of service you can think of. Some people will even pay you to film intros to videos or to take stock photos for them to use on their websites. 


It’s worth looking at sites where freelancers sell their services to gain inspiration. Think about what you could sell, and then get involved. You’ll be amazed at how much you can earn if you commit to this and start promoting your services as best as possible. There have been reports of people that have earned six figures through Fiverr and freelancing alone!


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is something we’ve touched upon before in previous posts about side hustles. But, it’s worth talking about again because it is such a genius way of making big bucks. In its simplest form, affiliate marketing is a way of advertising businesses. You are the affiliate, which means you are responsible for trying to drive traffic to business websites. When you successfully do this, you can earn money depending on the terms of the affiliate program you’re enrolled in. 


For example, most programs will run along these lines: 


  • You sign up and receive an affiliate link
  • When someone clicks on your affiliate link, they are deemed to have been referred by you
  • If that person then makes a purchase, you get a percentage of the purchase as payment


As you can see, pretty damn simple. Some programs differ in how and why you get paid. Businesses may not need sales, instead, they are looking for leads. So, if someone clicks your link and provides their email address, you get paid for it. Regardless, you need to encourage people to click on your link, so you can get lots of money. The best way to do this is by setting up a blog, YouTube channel, or social media accounts. Generate a following, then incorporate your link in your content. You can genuinely make tens of thousands of dollars a month if done correctly!


Becoming a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are growing in popularity as businesses look for ways to slash overhead costs. Basically, it will be your job to perform multiple tasks for multiple businesses. You can start your own virtual assistant website online using just your laptop computer. Companies contact you, and you can answer calls that are diverted to your phone, read and forward emails, help with scheduling, etc. 


It’s kind of like freelancing – but more specific. Plus, the more successful you get, the less work you need to do. Use your earnings to invest back into your business and gain more virtual assistants. Eventually, you won’t have to work at all as all the other virtual assistants do it instead. This is the dream, meaning you make money with minimal effort. 


Please be aware that there is no guarantee these ideas will lead to your big break! They also will require effort and patience to execute. You can’t get rich overnight, so keep that in mind. However, the ideas listed above are perfect examples of how it is possible to make a lot of money with just your laptop as the main piece of equipment.