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Working remotely- whether employed or self-employed- is convenient, flexible, and economical. You don’t need to fuel your car. You also tend to eat healthy foods and snacks. 

As a result, you’ll save more bucks, time, and effort. You’ll also experience less commute stress.

The data shows that an average American spends about 2.5 hours on the road. This is hectic and quite expensive since you have to fuel your car more as you go to work. Fortunately, by working from home, you can save yourself from this nightmare. 

However, working from home comes with its challenges. Keeping your energetic children under control is one of the most puzzling challenges you can encounter. Children need constant attention, and you might not give them undivided attention and still work. 

Most parents use the screen to entice kids with toddler programs. However, too much screen time may impair brain functionality. It leads to mood swings, obesity, and insomnia. 

So, how can you keep your little one busy as you work? 

  • Let Your Children Help You 

Allowing children to help you mold them into responsible beings.  You can assign them duties to keep them occupied but in an entertaining way. If you’re cooking, you may ask them to help you chop onions. 

Ensure you give them what they can handle. Older kids can sweep the house, slice vegetables, or help take out the trash. The younger ones can string beans or set the tables. 

You may give them a piece of paper and ask them to draw and explain the kitchen’s activities. 

  • Assign Them an Important Task 

Parents strive to establish good values for the kids to help them in the future. One of the core values you can instill in your kids is the sense of responsibility. And it doesn’t matter the age; it’s never too early to show them the way. 

The concept of working hard and reaping better results will make them appreciate the good efforts. Chores like watering plants, taking showers on time, tidying, and arranging toys is a good start. 

More so, ensure the tasks do not overwhelm them. They need to work according to their age. 

  • Create a Reward System 

A reward system helps in taming tantrums and encourages children to reach behavioral milestones. Positive behaviors build confidence and self-esteem in children. 

A reward system can be in the form of praises or toys or other gifts. Giving your child lots of compliments encourages them to work harder and keep up with excellent work. 

But ensure you’re careful with the kind of gifts you present to children. If you opt for toys, they should be child-friendly and eco-friendly. 

For pre-teens and teens, you can reward them with a tablet or phone. Take your time when researching kids cell phone plans to ensure you pick the best for your kid. Choose an affordable and convenient plan that will not break your bank. 

  • Encourage Outdoor Play

Your kids can learn a lot when playing outside. Outdoor play can lead to enhanced spatial recognition, improved cognitive skills, and brain functionality.  Physical skills boost growth and prevent obesity. 

It also increases their ability to climb, run, balance, and jump. Outdoor play gives children a chance to interact with other kids, which enables them to gain social skills. Being outside provides an opportunity for your kids to pretend to be anything they wish. 

It could be being a chef, a bear, assuming a teacher’s role, among many others. While outdoors, your children can learn more about seasons, weather, insects, and animals. 

As kids play outside, you’ll have a quiet time to work. This will also boost your productivity and still hit your parenting goals. 

  • Give Them New Tools to Explore

Children love exploring and discovering new items. Apart from keeping them busy, it enhances their cognitive skills and imagination. New tools keep children occupied for an extended period. 

Some of the tools include a magnifying glass, a remote-controlled toy, a nut and bolt, or a combination lock. Give them these tools and let them figure out how they work. 

  • Grow a Garden 

Growing a simple garden- herb or flower- is a smart way to keep children occupied. Give your young one a small flower or plant to take care of. Assign them tasks for watering their plant every day. 

When you need time to be productive, you may ask them to check on the plant. 

The Bottom Line 

Working from home is convenient, but it can be hectic if you have kids at home. Use the above tips to keep them busy as you work on your projects. This ensures you have a win-win situation!