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If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, then you may be looking for your next start-up idea or even your first start-up idea for a business. Luckily, there were so many different options for you, so no matter what your passion, interest or budget you should be able to Get into the business you want. Start your entrepreneurial business small and then as your money comes in and you save up you can delve into other projects and start a business.


Vending Machines


This is one that a lot of people don’t think about but has a very small start-up cost. You can normally buy vending machines secondhand And bulk buy items on places like Amazon and other merchant sites, and as soon as you’re able to find somewhere you can place your vending machine, you can pop it there and then regularly go and fill it up when it starts to empty and take your income. Apart from occasional maintenance, there doesn’t Need to be a lot of involvement or money going into the vending machine business apart from the products going inside it. So it’s a good gateway idea to start your entrepreneurial career.


A Garage


If you are trained in fixing cars and want to start doing something for yourself, you could look at starting your garage. People always need their cars fixed and to get regular checks like an MOT so starting your garage. Could be a good way to start your entrepreneurial career, or expand if you Already doing something. The important thing about owning a garage is that you have all the correct equipment and products for safety reasons. For example, you might need high temp glue and certain brackets to hold cars up because it’s not only the safety of the cars that you need to be aware of but also the safety of yourself and your staff.


A Franchise


Franchises are a great way to get into the entrepreneurial way of life. It normally already has a very well-established brand and you can use that to start going into business alongside being part of a big company already. A lot of franchises can be in different areas where a lot of the popular ones are food-related. Things like McDonald’s, Auntie Annes and other cafés. If you’re able to franchise, you will be taught exactly how to make the products that they sell and be able to buy all the branded wrappers and merchandise which you can then use to sell in your franchise. Franchises also help teach you things like marketing, and how to scale a business and get the most from your small slice in the company. The good thing about a franchise is that if it is successful in your location that you have it, you can expand and add more locations into your franchise of the same company, so you may end up with three different locations for your part in one of the companies, but then that means you’re free different incomes from three different business locations.