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Working from home is a bright dream for many people, but not all are successful in pulling it off. It’s important to make sure you put yourself in the best position to be able to work effectively and efficiently.

Designing a work from home setup can be challenging. 


Here are some tips to help you get started:


1. Workspace:

Set up a comfortable designated workspace in your home that is well lit, quiet and comfortable. You do not want distractions when working at home, so make sure this space has everything that you can get from The metal store just like the office would have, such as phone lines for business calls, internet access and ergonomic furniture.


Make sure that your work area is always clean and organized without too many distractions, and make it comfortable with items like chairs and lamps. Set up: If your home office will include an actual room dedicated solely to working from home, setting up this space correctly is vital.


2. Chair: 

Having a good chair and desk set up is important for your work environment. It can help you remain focused on the task at hand and keep you comfortable throughout many hours of working in one place.


3. Desk: 

A sturdy, adjustable desk with enough room to hold items like an office monitor, keyboard, mouse or laptop will allow you to stay organized while still completing projects effectively.


4. Equipment:

A standard ergonomic set of keyboard and mouse should suffice provided they’re comfortable enough for you during prolonged use (a couple of hours every day.) For added comfort, a mat and a footrest will ensure that you’re not stuck in the same position for too long.


Ensure all equipment (phones, computers etc.) is well maintained so there will be no disruptions or distractions due to technical difficulties during business hours. 


And lastly, be professional with your communication at all times, whether it’s answering emails, talking on the phone or conducting meetings in person. 


Treat it like any other job! Working from home has its benefits, but without discipline, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.


5. Add Some Natural Life – Plants

Succulents and cacti are excellent plants to keep at home for projects requiring minimal time investment. These types of plants do not require frequent watering and can survive easily on indirect or filtered sunlight. 


They don’t grow fast either, making it easier to maintain their appearance over the long term. This is perfect if you want something low maintenance but still nice looking.


6. Lighting:

Natural lighting is best if possible – which means an office facing outside windows or skylights. However, suppose your home doesn’t have any. In that case, it’s probably time to start thinking about purchasing a desk lamp with adjustable brightness levels, including different colour temperatures (i.e., warm white vs cool white.) 


This way, you can adjust according to what feels most comfortable on your eyes/body!


7. Take Care Of You

Before sitting down to start working on any project or assignment, remember to take care of yourself first by eating breakfast, drinking plenty of water and taking regular breaks.


Take advantage of your flexible schedule and work when you are most productive. Do not try to be a hero in the mornings because that may only lead to stress, mistakes and missed deadlines!