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Have inflation and the cost of living crisis put added pressure on your finances? If so, creating new revenue streams is the best possible response. Aside from lifting the weight of stress from your shoulders in the short term, it is an ideal way to strengthen your finances ahead of retirement.


The first challenge, however, is knowing how to make money as a side income. Here are four fantastic options to consider.


Property Investments


Inflation means that the strength of the dollar will fall over the years. If you’re looking for ways to save money for the future, you need assets that appreciate at a faster rate than inflation. History shows that, over time, real estate is a very stable investment for this reason. An investment property can build a secondary income with instant results courtesy of payments made by your tenants. Meanwhile, the asset will be there to sell at a larger price than what you pay in later years. 


Better still, mortgages for rental properties are far more accessible than a lot of first-time investors think. It is a great way to leverage success from money that isn’t yours.


Monetize Your Hobby


Given that you already work hard in your main job, a secondary income stream should be enjoyable. Even if it takes a little time to make money from this path, you won’t mind as it is a hobby. This guide to making money from something you love should point you in the right direction. Working on your passions may also open the door to opportunities for joint adventures with friends or relatives that share it. This gives you an added source of motivation. 


The side hustle can increase your earnings and reduce your recreational outgoings. If things progress really well, it could soon become your full-time job too.


Crypto Investments


Cryptocurrency has undoubtedly been one of the hottest talking points for investors over the past decade. While Bitcoin may have grabbed the headlines, investors can potentially see huge ROIs. The volatility of the industry does pose some risks. But developments of blockchain tech, along with the XRP court hearings highlight the potential. Not all digital tokens are guaranteed to succeed. Still, those that do will grow at exponential speeds to help backers gain huge returns.


Some people may feel that the ship has sailed, but there are still plenty of opportunities to come. Now is the ideal time to begin your journey.


Sell Unwanted Goods


Finally, another way to make a secondary source of income is to give old assets a second lease of life. Most people are guilty of hoarding products that they no longer use. Hosting a garage sale or selling via online marketplaces can help you generate a quick cash injection. Better still, it will create more space around the home. Another option is to rent out assets, such as professional filming equipment, to generate revenue when the items aren’t in use. You’d be amazed at the impact this can bring.


It also gets you into the right mindset for the future as selling goods once you’ve used them can help fund the next purchases. Perfect.