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When it comes to making money, nothing has a bigger effect (for most people) than selling a home. Freeing up money from your house can let you do whatever you want, from retiring to moving to another part of the world. 


There’s just one problem: it’s hard to do it fast. You’d love to be able to get rid of it like you might an old vacuum cleaner, but it always turns out to be more challenging than that. 

So what can you do to sell your home in 30 days or less? Let’s take a look at your options. 


Hire A Decent Real Estate Agent


First, you’ll want a real estate agent who knows what they are doing. Some have more visibility than others, so the time it takes them to shift properties can vary significantly. 


Start by asking them what they do to facilitate a faster sale. Get them to show you their strategies and compare them against industry standards. Try to work out how long it will actually take to get eyeballs on your property using their methods. 


Stage Your Home Properly

You also want to make your property look its best before you sell it. Good virtual staging is important for helping prospective buyers figure out whether they could make a home their own, particularly if it is bare right now. 


Ideally, you want images to look like a professional Airbnb rental. The home should pop off the screen as somewhere the buyers can move into immediately, without any fuss, even if you actually plan to sell it unfurnished. 


Hold An Open House Event


You can also try hosting an open house event where people can freely look around the property and decide whether it’s for them. Advertising open doors can get more people to consider coming over and considering whether they want to live in the area. However, it is not particularly effective if you are trying to appeal to a national or international market. 


Invest In Proper Online Marketing


You could also try investing in proper online marketing. Listing adverts on major property listing sites will help you reach a broader audience than, say, relying on your estate agent alone. 


These sites vary depending on your country, so try to find the most popular ones in your area and create listings. Or, better yet, get your real estate company to do it for you so that people from outside the area can find what you have to sell. 


You can also expand your adverts onto social media. However, these can be harder to implement on platforms that lack property search features. 


Look For A Cash Buyer

Another tactic is to offer a discount to a cash buyer. That way, you can avoid long chains and mortgage applications that slow down the process. 


Cash buyers simply pay you the cash after the surveys, and some will agree to give you money upfront for the deed, providing their own attorneys to facilitate the exchange immediately.