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We’ve just been through the festive period, and it’s safe to say this can bring up many emotions. From the wonder and excitement leading up to the big day of the holiday to the time off work, to the meeting and connecting with our families, to that dread of going back to work (it’s okay, everyone feels it), the end of the year can bring with it a rollercoaster of emotions. Thankfully, most of them are positive.


This begs a question – could we tap into this wonderful excitement for the promotional events we have running throughout 2024? If you’ll excuse a little overbearing wordplay, could you make your promotional event into an emotional event? But what might that entail? 


Well, perhaps you want that wonderful anticipation, that sense of novelty, and the impression that your business will never be the same afterward. A seasonal event or product launch can be a fantastic basis for that. So far, so good, but how do you make this approach work? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more:


Build Up To It


A little delayed gratification can be a wonderful thing. It’s why many people start celebrating the festive season early, even if many of us roll our eyes in response. At the very least, we can look back and say a little early optimism is healthy. So, how could you plan for your event in advance? It might be that in your restaurant, you market a wonderful upcoming cheese festival by having your servers where t-shirt screen printing that both looks inviting and has all the event info. Putting that a month in advance can make sure each one of your patrons knows of it, and that the days are being counted down to the fun event. Anticipation can breed excitement, no matter what it is. 


A Multi-Media Promotional Package


There’s something special to an event you go out of your way to express and celebrate. For example, putting together a short trailer with a videography service, having a poster and banners designed, posting on your social media ahead of time, and even putting a jingle together for your local radio station, the more you can add texture to your event through media, the more people can relate to it on many more fronts than usual. Not only is this a fun investment, but it helps you express the personality of your brand that little bit more.


Highlight Emotional Impact Of The Cause


In some cases, you don’t have to pretend the event is emotional, but there’s a very real, relatable reason for why you’re putting it on. For example, perhaps this is the last event of the year before you move offices or premises from one community to another. Maybe you’re fundraising for a good cause while also promoting your brand. Perhaps you’re launching a new product you’re proud of. 


Maybe it’s an award ceremony for your staff to show them how much they’ve done for the brand this year. In these cases, all you really need to do is highlight how much of a help this has been, what it meant to your team, and how it’s inspired your vision going forward. In charitable cases, you should always give credit to those donating and let them know exactly where the money is going with a very public donation event. This way, the emotional impact takes care of itself.


Reward Those Who Engage With You


Why do parties often have raffles, games, prizes, rewards and benefits to coming? Not only is it fun, but it encourages you to come the next time around, to share fond memories, and to feel appreciated for being there. You could do this with your business event, too. From giving out awards to hosting a raffle, from appreciating certain colleagues in the limelight, to rewarding anyone who comes to your event with free merchandise or a goodie-bag equivalent, when people feel like their time was not only spent well but appreciated, you can be certain they’ll feel happier and more interested in coming back next time.


Bonus: Humanize Your Event


Often, speaking in very simple terms about what the event is for and why it’s important is key. You can even put your face to the event instead of just sleek content writing. It will help humanize the project, and show exactly why you’re involved.


With this advice, you’re sure to make that promotional event an emotional one, allowing people to connect with it more readily, and remember it for years to come.