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It helps to keep business going over the Christmas and New Year break because we live in a 24-hour society. However, that doesn’t mean you have to rely on the help of your company throughout the holidays. From customer service to checking stock, here are some suggestions.

Ramp Up Marketing Efforts

Marketing is essential for a modern business, no matter its size. In the run-up to Christmas, most likely beginning mid-November or around Black Friday, there is a lot of competition. And the extra marketing can drown you out. However, you can increase leads and sales with the right digital marketing agency to see you through the season. Marketing at the right time and in the right way (SEO, PPC) can see the company through until you return after your break.

Inform Customers of Changes

Customers really don’t care about the Holiday break, and they expect services and products as and when they need them. We can all thank Amazon for this! Seriously though, customers want things 24/7, but your company will probably be running limited services over Christmas as you and your staff enjoy some time off. However, not letting customers know is a huge mistake. A simple website update, social media message, or an email of operating times is all it takes.

Keep Business Going with a Posting Schedule

Thankfully, we have easy technology that can run things for us, in a sense. If your business relies on online presence or regular blog or video posting, then don’t worry. Automation can help you post your content over the holidays. Social media does tend to spike over 70% over the Holidays, but on special days such as Christmas and New Year, engagement is low. People are enjoying their day, so they won’t spend much time with engagement but may expect content.

Don’t Forget About Stock Levels

Like your business, suppliers will also be planning to close over the holidays and enjoy some time off. But business may still be running, and customers need services. Ensure your stock levels are able to meet expected demand and work something out with suppliers. For instance, you can negotiate the delivery of extra stock just before planned time off or closures. This will help meet demands where stock could be underserved if your suppliers aren’t available.

Give Yourself a Well-Deserved Break

You work hard all year round, making sure the business runs smoothly. So you deserve some time off over Christmas and New Year. This time off can have many benefits and help you recharge when you return, and it’s back to business as usual. Pausing for a while gives you the chance to come back with fresh eyes. Taking a step back for a bit also sets a good example for employees who may be stressed. As we all know, self-care, health, and well-being are crucial. 


Going ahead with some extra marketing can keep business going over the Holidays. Scheduling posts will also ensure content keeps coming for your customers when you are off work. And the break can also help you come back to work with a fresh perspective while being well-rested.